A few weeks back, I was contact by the folks over at Yoplait to try out their Nonfat Greek Yogurt and review the product. I love Greek Yogurt, so I was happy to oblige, as I use yogurt in many recipes and had never yet tried Yoplait’s Greek Yogurt.

So, after picking up some of the yogurt, I headed into the kitchen last night to try out their Greek Turkey Burger Recipe with Homemade Tzatziki sauce. I’m a big fan of burgers and of Greek food, so I was excited to combine the two.

Tasty cornbread recipes are pretty easy to come by. But tasty low calorie ones aren’t always so easy.

The ones I did try were bland or dry and just didn’t make the cut. So, after some experimentation, I managed to come up with an easy cornbread recipe that tastes great and has less fat and calories than traditional cornbread recipes.

Anyone who is following the Weight Watchers program will appreciate this low calorie version!

I assumed my days of regular pasta eating were behind me, but this low calorie Baked Ziti Recipe has given me a way to enjoy a much beloved Italian dish, without sacrificing too many of my points.

Simply by subbing out a few of the higher calorie ingredients for lower calorie versions, I was able to make this baked ziti pasta and keep it diet friendly, yet maintain its fabulous taste.

If you are looking for a super yummy, low-calorie version of a homemade carrot cake recipe, then you came to the right place!

Considering that traditional carrot cakes can average 12-15 weight watchers points per serving, this diet-friendly carrot cake recipe is a fabulous bargain.

Delicious and satisfying, this healthy Spinach and Artichoke Quiche Recipe is one of go to, reliable breakfast recipes.

It’s packed with protein, calcium and vitamins, so even if you decide to indulge and have 2 servings, you won’t be going overboard on your points.

Ever since the first time I tried Eggs Benedict, I have been in LOVE with Hollandaise Sauce. Something about that ooey-gooey, creamy, buttery goodness that I just can’t get enough of.

But since the two main ingredients in traditional hollandaise sauce recipes are eggs and butter, it can end up being a pretty fattening sauce, loaded with Weight Watchers Points. By making a few small changes, I slimmed it down and made it a much more weight watchers friendly recipe.

I’ll be perfectly honest with you. I have a bit of a sweet tooth. And there are times when I just have a desire to eat something that has absolutely no nutritional value, but it just tastes amazingly good.

And trust me, this frozen Butterfinger Pie falls into that category. I mean, really, who doesn’t love Butterfingers?!?! And whoever decided to put it into a pie is a flippin’ genius.

Lately, I have been really craving sandwiches. I want them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And in my quest for a good Breakfast Sandwich Recipe, that tasted yummy and was not full of preservatives like the frozen kind at the store.

I ended up creating my own Spinach and Egg White Sandwich Recipe that was definitely a hit! My skinny version of this popular American food is loaded with protein, fiber, and calcium. It’s definitely larger than those skimpy ones you get at restaurants, so it’s very satisfying.

My husband is a huge fan of meatball subs, so I decided to make a slimmed down version and create a delicious low calorie meatball sub recipe that we could BOTH enjoy.

And by simply substituting a few traditional ingredients, it was a success! Tasty and satisfying each meatball sandwich has just 5 Points and is a great “manly” food that all weight watchers can enjoy.

It’s definitely a great meal idea for anyone who doesn’t want to give up the “good” foods while dieting.

This delicious Cranberry Scones Recipe is incredibly easy to make. I don’t know why, but I’ve always been intimidated by scones, assuming they were complicated to make.

But after whipping up this low points scone, I was thrilled to see how simple it is! This is a low calorie treat that anyone who is watching their weight will enjoy and appreciate.

We’ve all had our share of low calorie turkey burger recipes, but this one is one of my faves. Loaded with tang and flavor, this ranch turkey burger recipe tastes much better than most, and yet still keeps the calorie count low.

Ground turkey can be pretty bland, and there’s nothing more disappointing than a bland burger. But this ridiculously delicious burger reaches new heights of yumminess!

It’s almost that time of year again….the day we get together, turn on the TV, and allow ourselves to consume large quantities of super yummy, fattening foods, and lots of beer, in order to celebrate the most anxiously awaited game in the NFL…the SUPER BOWL!!

I love Super Bowl parties as much as anyone, but if you’re not careful, these parties can be a weight watchers nightmare!! So this week, I’m devoting each day to different low calorie Super Bowl recipes that not only taste good but will help keep you on track to reaching your weight loss goals.