Baked Crab and Artichoke Dip Recipe – 4 Points +

Baked Crab and Artichoke Dip

This amazing Baked Crab and Artichoke Dip Recipe will blow everyone away! It’s so cheesy and creamy, and full of tremendous flavor, and yet only 4 Points + for each heaping 1/2 cup serving. I was truly amazed at how tasty this low calorie appetizer recipe turned out, and how much it made. It’s the perfect to dish to bring to a potluck, serve up for your game day food table, or just to indulge in during those at home movie nights. By using artichoke, spinach and crab as the main ingredients, I was able to save the fat and calories for the good stuff — the cheese! This way, I didn’t have to skimp on the cheese and created a very tasty crab dip recipe that is actually pretty good for you. Lots of fiber and protein! And it’s so good, no one will have any idea that this is a Weight Watchers Dip Recipe. Enjoy!

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Baked Crab Cakes Recipe with Chipotle Lime Sauce – 3 Points +

Baked Crab Cakes

Crab cakes have always been one of my favorite dishes that I just never take the time to cook myself. I think I’ve always just assumed that quality crab cake recipes can only be done in restaurants. Boy was I ever wrong. I went to work in the kitchen recently and created my version of healthy Baked Crab Cakes with an AMAZING Chipotle Lime Sauce. This was fantastic! I am no photographer, so the picture just doesn’t do it justice, but the taste was perfect. Light and slightly crisp on the outside, moist and crabby on the inside. And the Chipotle lime sauce was the perfect compliment to the low calorie crab cakes. You’ll get two baked crab cakes drizzled with sauce for just 3 Points +. Love it! A wonderful, guilt free meal idea that uses just a few of those precious Weight Watchers Points, but leaves you feeling satisfied.

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Crab Eggs Benedict Recipe – 5 Points +

Crab Eggs Benedict

I once had an AMAZING Crab Eggs Benedict at a restaurant in Malibu, and ever since then, I salivate at the mere thought of crab, hollandaise sauce and egg on a toasted slice of English muffin. Because it’s a breakfast recipe that I know isn’t very Weight Watchers friendly, I have avoided it, only indulging once in a great while. This past weekend, I was determined to make a healthier version that was low in Points Plus so I could eat Crab Eggs Benedict more frequently. Knowing that the two most fattening components in this dish are the hollandaise sauce and the egg yolk, I knew sacrifices had to be made. The first thing I did was use a poached egg white, instead of a whole poached egg. Yes, I know that this means there’s no runny egg yolk on the eggs Benedict. But I don’t feel that it affects the overall flavor of the whole dish very much. Now, when it came to the hollandaise sauce, there was no way I was going to NOT use it. I am the kind of girl who is all about condiments and sauces, so I had to find a way to make this happen. I decided to try out a holladaise sauce recipe using liquid egg substitute instead of eggs and using my favorite butter alternative – Brummel & Brown Yogurt Spread. It worked perfectly! The sauce was delicious, and flavorful and exactly as I had hoped for. But it was a lot less calories than traditional hollandaise. A few other minor alterations to my Crab Eggs Benedict, and the delicious dish was a hit! And just 5 Points + for the whole thing. Now I can eat my favorite breakfast on a very regular basis. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Light Seafood Gumbo Recipe – 4 Points +

Light Seafood Gumbo

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If you want to indulge in a huge, 2 cup serving of a traditional Seafood Gumbo Recipe for just 4 Points +, you came to the right place today! Loaded with all the well-loved flavors of a Louisiana Gumbo, this light and healthy version skips a lot of excess fat and calories while still maintaining an amazing taste. With shrimp and crab being so low calorie and high in protein, it wasn’t too hard to make this a Weight Watchers friendly recipe. As with all traditional gumbos, the base is a roux that is slowly browned, and adds wonderful texture and flavor to the dish.

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Low Calorie Crab Bisque Recipe – 3 Points +

Low Calorie Crab Bisque

It is my firm belief that the French can do no wrong when it comes to food. I will eat ANY French food. Seriously. I even enjoyed escargot. Rich, creamy traditional bisque recipes are something that I think are truly delicious and are always a hit when I serve them to my family. One weekend, a few months ago, my husband took me out to a fancy French restaurant, where I threw my Points Plus allowance to the wind, and I indulged in the most sensational foods. It was GLORIOUS. One of the things I ordered was a Crab Bisque in a Bread Bowl that was to die for. But after I got home and started calculating the Points Plus that were in crab bisque recipes, I was shocked. How can so many calories fit into a small bowl of liquid?!!? So I became determine to create a healthy low calorie crab bisque that I could enjoy more frequently and without the guilt. By bulking this dish up with some veggies, I was able to maintain the divine creamy texture and rich flavors without all the unnecessary fat and calories. I also got rid of the heavy cream and high fat butter and used some alternative ingredients that did the trick just fine. The end result was fabulous! Each 1 cup serving is just 3 Points +, which I think is fantastic for such a delicious tasting bisque.

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Maryland Crab Cakes Recipe – 3 Points +

Maryland Crab Cakes

photo credit: closet cooking

This delicious and super easy low calorie Maryland Crab Cakes Recipe is perfect as an appetizer, main dish or side dish. Most traditional crab cake recipes use a lot of mayonnaise and are fried, thus making for a pretty high PointsPlus meal. But by altering the recipe with some healthier ingredients and using a high fiber breadcrumb mixture, each of these tasty cakes are just 3 Points + each. The first time I made these, I divided the mixture into 12 mini crab cakes instead of 6 full size ones, to use as an appetizer, and they were perfect! Everyone was asking for the recipe, and NO ONE could tell they were Weight Watchers friendly. So if you are cravin’ some good ol’ fashioned Southern Crab Cakes, enjoy this guilt free version and save your Points Plus for dessert!

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Baked Cream Cheese Wonton Recipe, with Crab – 1 Point Total

Oh how I love Crab and Cream Cheese Wontons! I remember the day that I first discovered them – it was at a random Chinese food restaurant in State College, PA, during my college years. That one time was all I needed — I was now a Cream Cheese Wonton lovin’ fool! Often referred to as Crab Rangoons, traditional cream cheese and crab wonton recipes involve frying the wonton and using more cream cheese than crab – thus leading to a ton of extra fat and calories. My version, makes a few small changes to the original recipe and involves baking them instead of frying. This leads to super yummy cream cheese and crab wontons that clock in at just 1 Point Total for 2 wontons! Though this is not an official Weight Watchers Wonton Recipe, I am confident it will be adored by any Chinese food lover who is counting their calories. Serve as an appetizer, side dish, or snack!

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Avocado and Crab Salad Recipe – 5 Point Total

With temperatures still on the rise this summer, this light and delicious Avocado and Crab Salad Recipe is the perfect dish to serve up! Loaded with flavor, tang and creamy goodness, this fresh salad recipe is not only DELISH…it’s good for you too! Though this is not an official Weight Watchers recipe, if you are a weight watcher, you will dedinitely want to add this low point salad recipe to your collection. And this fabulous little dish can be served as an appetizer or over a bed of fresh greens for a delightful summer salad.

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