Irish Apple Cake – 5 Points +

Irish Apple Cake

During the month of March, I love to prepare different types of Irish meals to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I have tweaked this recipe in order for it to be a bit healthier and guiltless. I really enjoy the walnuts as they add a nice crunch to the cake. I serve this at room temperature or I heat it up and serve it warm. Either way it is delicious.

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Chocolate Buttermilk Cake – 5 Points +

Chocolate Buttermilk Cake

Chocolate Buttermilk Cake

Many of us turn town dessert especially if it’s chocolate cake as we automatically start counting calories. This recipe for chocolate buttermilk cake is amazing and it’s low-fat. It’s chocolate cake without the guilt. I’ve served this at many parties and have only heard positive feedback as well as people asking for the recipe. The powdered sugar on top is just enough sweetness and the side of fruit is the perfect garnish for the serving.

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Lemonade Cupcakes – 3 Points +

Lemonade Cupcakes

Back in May, I put together an awesome Weight Watches Dessert Recipe for a super fabulous blog, It Sux to Be Fat. If you haven’t ever had a chance to read her blog, Jennifer Swafford provides an open and honest dialogue there that covers Weight Loss, Exercise, Recipes and Nutrition. And she does it in a away that makes you feel like you are talking to your best friend, rather than some super skinny weight loss authority. Jennifer has lost 100 lbs with Weight Watchers and her story, advice and support are a great asset to anyone trying to lose weight, so I highly suggest checking out her blog!

Now, about those cupcakes…that’s right – they are just 3 Points + each! Made with a standard cake box mix, and a few healthier substitutions, these cupcakes will rock your world! They make a fantastic summer dessert recipe to bring to a potluck or BBQ, so if you need an idea for a Weight Watchers 4th of July Recipe, this would make an awesome one. Enjoy!

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Mini Cheesecakes Recipe – 2 Points +

Mini Cheesecakes

These decadent Mini Cheesecakes are the perfect sweet treat when you need to satisfy that dessert craving. And at just 2 Points + and less than 100 calories each, they will make any Weight Watchers dessert recipe lover a happy camper. I found a traditional mini cheesecakes recipe online, similar to what my mom used to use, and then just subbed out half of the cream cheese for fat free Greek yogurt (seriously, is there any place I can’t use this stuff?!?!?), and used a light cream cheese for the rest. I also used less sugar and added in some vanilla to help keep it sweet. Also, by using Reduced Fat Vanilla Wafers instead of the regular ones, you get a fantastic mini cheesecake for a LOT less fat calories and Weight Watchers Points. I topped mine with fresh blueberries and strawberries since I was making them for a Fourth of July party and I wanted a Red, White and Blue Dessert, but you can really use any fresh fruit you’d like. I’ve made them with cherries, with mangoes and papaya, and with kiwi. They are divine!! Enjoy.

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Mini Baked Glazed Doughnuts Recipe – 2 Points +

Mini Baked Glazed Doughnuts

Doughnuts people!! GLAZED DOUGHNUTS!!! Yes, you can eat yummy doughnuts and still lose weight…with this incredible Mini Baked Glazed Doughnuts Recipe, that is. I found the original version of these lighter doughnuts on Oh She Glows. They were boasted as a 100 calorie vegan doughnut recipe. Well, I’m not vegan, but I SURE do love doughnuts, and for 100 calories, I had to check out this recipe. I altered her version a bit and ended up with a fabulous 70 calorie mini baked doughnut that really hits the spot when my sweet tooth hits. Though these doughnuts are baked, and not fried like traditional doughnuts, they are still sweet and moist, and have more of a cupcake like texture. When I baked mine, I used my Mini Donut Maker, which made it super easy. But the original recipe calls for doughnut pans. And if you don’t have doughnut pans, then I suggest making them into little balls with your hands and make baked doughnut holes. Regardless of their shape, these mini baked glazed doughnuts are a real treat at just 2 Points + each, and make an awesome Weight Watchers dessert or sweet snack idea.

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Lemon Yogurt Cake Recipe – 6 Points +

A delicious light and moist Lemon Yogurt Cake is the perfect after dinner treat or as a sweet with your morning coffee. This low fat cake recipe not only tastes fantastic, but each serving is just 6 Points +, which isn’t bad for a moist and dense cake that is certain to satisfy your sweet tooth. It has the perfect combination of sweet and sour, and the lemon sugar glaze is oh so yummy. And with the weather starting to to warm up, I’ve been craving something fresh and bright. So I did a makeover on Ina Garten’s Lemon Yogurt Cake, and was thrilled at how amazing the cake tasted after the alterations I did to make it more Weight Watchers friendly. Enjoy!

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Baked Maple Glazed Apple Cider Doughnut Recipe – 6 Points +

Baked Maple Glazed Apple Cider Doughnuts

photo credit: indulging in guilty pleasures

Though I can’t give a new Mini Doughnut Maker to all of you, I can share this delicious recipe for Baked Apple Cider Doughnuts with Maple Glaze that I found. Bake your own low fat doughnuts and indulge in a decadent treat for less Points Plus than most doughnut recipes. Made with delicious apple cider and pure maple syrup, these tasty doughnuts are made by using a mini Bundt pan, and taste so good, it’s hard to believe they are just 6 Points + each. I wish I could get the Points even lower, but these are doughnuts after all, and I didn’t want to sacrifice too much of what we all LOVE when eating doughnuts!

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Apple Cupcakes with Cinnamon Vanilla Frosting Recipe – 5 Points +

Apple Cupcakes with Vanilla Cinnamon Frosting

Nothing says Fall like a fresh, crisp apple! Well, today I’ve got an even yummier way to enjoy those fall apples. These delicious Apple Cupcakes with Cinnamon Vanilla Frosting are moist, sweet, fluffy, and everything you could hope for in a cupcake. The creamy vanilla frosting has a hint of cinnamon that really completes the flavor palate. And the best part is that these low calorie cupcakes are just 5 Points + each! They make the perfect dessert or snack and are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without using up a lot of Weight Watchers Points. Enjoy!

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Carrot Cake Cupcakes Recipe with Cream Cheese Frosting – 4 Points +

Carrot Cake Cupcakes

OK people, I know it’s hot outside, but these Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting are so worth turning on your oven for. Moist and fluffy, it’s hard to believe that each cupcake is just 4 Points +. Made with a lot of fresh ingredients and no artificial sweeteners, the end result is a sweet and tasty cupcake that is so soft and delicious. My two year old will even eat these without the frosting! Just by making a few healthier changes to a traditional carrot cake recipe, I was able to shave off a lot of extra fat and calories with very little compromise in taste. They make a great low fat dessert recipe to serve anytime. Enjoy!

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Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake Recipe – 5 Points +

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

photo credit: cupcakes take the cake

Looking for a rich and delicious dessert recipe that tastes like a million bucks but won’t use up all your PointsPlus? Try this healthy cupcake recipe for Chocolate Raspberry cupcakes, and you will seriously forget you are on a diet. Made with fresh fruit instead of artificially sweetened syrups and topped with a creamy and flavorful cream cheese frosting, this light cupcake is a real treat. The cake itself is moist and delicious, and the frosting is soooooo yummy, I was tempted to just eat the whole bowl of it with a spoon. Chocolate and raspberry have always been a favorite flavor combination of mine, and using the two of them in this low calorie cupcake recipe turned out oh so good. Though it’s not an official one of Weight Watchers Dessert Recipes, each of these little decadent cupcakes have just 5 Points +, and make the perfect end to any meal, or the perfect Weight Watchers friendly treat to reward yourself with. Enjoy!

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Orange Marmalade Cheesecake Recipe – 4 Points +

Orange Marmalade Cheesecake

photo credit:

A slice of creamy cheesecake for just 4 Points + per slice!?? YES, please!! When I first came across this Orange Marmalade Cheesecake Recipe on Eating Well, I literally wanted to lick the screen. I love cheesecake, and anytime I can find a healthier, lower calorie version, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to be giving it a try. I made some changes to their version to make it more WW friendly, and I was surprised at how well it turned out – though it does take a bit more effort to make than most Weight Watchers Cheesecake Recipes I’ve found. But the taste is SO worth it! A healthy treat for the family or a great, low calorie dessert recipe to take to a party or potluck, this delicious orange cheesecake will not disappoint!

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Banana Cream Cake Recipe – 6 Points +

Banana Cream Cake

photo credit: eating well

After indulging in this cake at a recent party at a friend of mine’s house, I asked for the original recipe, which was from Eating Well, and made a few alterations to make it a bit more Weight Watchers friendly. Plus, I wanted to make it easier….their original banana cream layer cake recipe calls for making your own bavarian cream filling, but I just wasn’t a fan of the flavor of the cream or the hassle of preparing it. But by using Nonfat Cool Whip mixed with fat free vanilla pudding instead, I got a better flavor, it was much easier, and it lowered the fat and calorie count – a LOT. If you aren’t a fan of Cool Whip, you can use Fat Free Reddi Whip too (which I LOVE), but it does get runny kind of fast, so prepare for that. Though it tastes fantastic. So if you want a great summer dessert recipe that will help you stay on track with your Weight Watchers goals, this Banana Cream Cake is a must try. With only 6 Points + per slice, you can have your cake and eat it too!

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