Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge Recipe – 2 Point Value

Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge

I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately, but I am craving sweets ALL the time. And being a Weight Watcher, this can be a deadly path! Sure, I could let myself be bad, go buy a box of chocolates at the store and indulge myself. But instead, I chose to try this rockin’ Weight Watchers Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge Recipe, and I am SO glad I did!! It was a super easy fudge recipe, it tasted delicious, and most importantly, I was able to track my Weight Watchers Points and know exactly how much I was consuming. And with just 2 Points per serving, this fudge recipe was much lower in calories than anything I’d buy at the store. And it was a heck of a lot of fun making candy at home! So if you are looking for a way to satisfy your chocolate fudge craving, give this Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge Recipe a try! It’s seriously one of the yummiest Weight Watchers Fudge Recipes you’ll find.

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