Gortons Simply Bake Fish Fillets – 3 Points +

Gorton's Simply Bake

Gorton’s has made my life easier (and tastier!) once again with their new Simply Bake line of frozen fish fillets. Each filet comes already prepped and perfectly seasoned, and wrapped inside it’s own foil oven bag. You just pop that baby into the oven, and voila, a delicious, healthy, low Points fish dinner in just minutes. This is the perfect Weight Watchers food for busy weeknights when you want to get something healthy and tasty on the table, but are seriously pressed for time. Gorton’s does all the work for you. They are currently available in 3 different varieties: Salmon, Tilapia, and Haddock in Garlic and Herb Butter. Each serving is just 3 Points + and less than 150 calories.

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Artichoke and Parmesan Tilapia Recipe – 3 Points +

Artichoke and Parmesan Tilapia

Tilapia has always been my favorite fish to eat. It’s very low in Points Plus, and it is so delicate and mild tasting, which makes it a great canvas for lots of exciting toppings and sauces. This Artichoke and Parmesan Tilapia Recipe is very simple, and takes just minutes to prepare. Yet, it is so flavorful and light. This is a great healthy fish recipe to make when you are having a busy day and not much time or energy is left to put into cooking dinner. Each delicious serving is just 3 Points +, which leaves plenty of extra Points on hand for dessert, or maybe a more carb-heavy side dish, liked roasted/mashed potatoes, or a pasta salad. This is definitely a great tilapia recipe to keep on hand for when you need dinner in a pinch. Enjoy!

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Lemon Ginger Tilapia Recipe – 6 Points +

Lemon Ginger Tilapia

I love recipes that are super quick and easy, and require little to no prep, but that are still super delicious. My good friend Hailey came up with the idea to use a bottle of salad dressing as a cooking sauce for her tilapia. I decided to give it a try myself, and I used the exact dressing she recommended…the Archer Farms Lemon Ginger Sesame Dressing from Target. I was amazed at how crazy good this recipe was!! The fish came out so moist and flaky, and the dressing made the perfect sauce for it…light and flavorful. Plus, it was so fast to prepare. This will definitely become one of my go to Weight Watchers Fish Recipes for when I want to get a healthy fish dinner on the table quickly, with no fuss. And each serving is just 6 Points +! Pair this with a salad or some roasted vegetables, and you’ve got the perfect low calorie dinner. Thanks Hailey!
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Moroccan Fish Recipe – 5 Points +

Moroccan Fish

A very close friend of mine makes the most delicious fish recipe every Friday night, for Shabbat dinner. Her family has prepared this Moroccan Fish for many years, and she too has picked up the skill of preparing such deliciousness. Both my husband and I have always enjoyed this dish when she has invited us for dinner, but after seeing my almost 4 year old, who is a very picky eater, gobble up his serving of fish and then ask for more, I was determined to give this Moroccan Fish Recipe a try myself. So after a phone call with my lovely friend, Gali, who gave me a very detailed explanation of how to prepare this fish recipe, I got to work. This popular Middle Eastern dish is actually very healthy, and pretty low calorie. I made a few minor adjustments to make this more of a Weight Watchers Recipe, but overall, it’s a very diet friendly dish. Each serving came out to 5 Points + and it was SO yummy. The family LOVED it. This is definitely going into my regular rotation! It’s so easy to make and it’s such an incredibly flavorful recipe. Just note that her original recipe actually uses real tomatoes, not canned, but I didn’t have enough fresh tomatoes on hand, so I used the canned, and it still turned out incredible. If you want to use fresh tomatoes instead, it will take a lot longer, as the tomatoes will need to cook down to a sauce-like texture. Additionally, you made need less broth. Either way, this Moroccan Fish Recipe is amazing, and I highly recommend giving it a try!

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Smothered Tilapia Fillets Recipe – 5 Points +

Smothered Tilapia Fillets

A mild, yet flavorful tilapia recipe, these Smothered Tilapia Fillet is the perfect quick and easy weeknight dinner recipe idea. It’s a dish that’s packed with protein, and has just 5 Points + per serving. Not a bad bargain for beautiful, flaky white fish covered in creamy cheese sauce and spinach. And the carrots give this dish a lovely color and crunch too. It’s a wonderfully healthy fish recipe that the whole family will enjoy, and offers a great way to get in protein and nutrients without sacrificing taste.

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Pecan Crusted Tilapia Recipe – 6 Points +

Pecan Crusted Tilapia

Get some extra heart healthy fats in your diet with this easy and delicious Pecan Crusted Tilapia Recipe. The sweet, yet delicate flavor of the pecans goes perfectly with the mild tilapia. And the cornflakes help to keep it light and crispy. Each serving is just 6 Points +, and it’s got a lot of protein in it, while still being a low carb recipe. This has become one of my go to Weight Watchers fish recipes when I need something quick and easy, healthy for my family, and still low in Points + for me. The fat from the nuts and fish is very satisfying without being oily or greasy. This Pecan Crusted Tilapia recipe goes wonderfully with some steamed vegetables and or a flavorful salad. Enjoy!

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Broiled Tilapia Recipe with Parmesan Cream Sauce – 6 Points +

Broiled Parmesan Tilapia

A friend of mine came across this delicious Broiled Tilapia Recipe last week, and posted it on Facebook. It looked so good, but I decided to re-vamp it and make it less Weight Watchers Points, but with more of the Parmesan cream sauce. Mission accomplished. That was one tasty, light broiled tilapia recipe! I was truly surprised at how good it turned out, and how much of the cream sauce I was able to get in each serving. At just 6 Points + for a very nicely sized piece of fish smothered in a delicious Parmesan cheese sauce, it’s a great bargain. I’ll definitely be making this again soon.

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Gorton’s Roasted Garlic and Butter Grilled Tilapia – 2 Points Plus

Gortons Roasted Garlic and Butter Grilled Tilapia

For the category of quick, low calorie convenience foods that taste delicious, Gorton’s Seafood takes the prize. They have an amazing selection of perfectly portioned and prepared frozen fish fillets that average around 80 calories each. My favorite is the Roasted Garlic and Butter Grilled Tilapia Fillets, which clock in at just 2 Weight Watchers Points Plus per serving. You can eat them as is, or chop them up and make an easy low calorie fish taco or fish sandwich. The flame grilled tilapia fillet is white and flaky and loaded with fabulous flavor. Just pop it in your oven or microwave, and you’ve got a light and healthy meal in minutes. Find out more about what this delicious product has to offer…..

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Baked Fish Sticks Recipe – 6 Points +

If you’re craving a good, old fashioned fish n’ chips recipe, try these baked fish sticks instead, and get your craving satisfied without going overboard on your daily Points Plus. By increasing the fiber in the breading and baking the fish instead of frying it, you’ll end up with a much lighter and much healthier meal. And did I mention that it tastes pretty darn good too? In almost as much time as it takes to cook a box of pre-made frozen fish sticks, you can follow this homemade fish sticks recipe and save yourself a LOT of fat, calories and preservatives. This also makes a great meal to serve to the kids!!

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Baked Tilapia Recipe – 3 Point Total

This super easy Baked Tilapia Recipe is the perfect dinner idea for any weight watcher. It’s loaded with lots of good for you stuff, but low in calories and Weight Watchers Points. The traditional fried tilapia recipe is definitely not diet friendly, though it is quite tasty. So if you are looking for a healthier way to enjoy this tasty dish, my baked version is the answer. The crust is delicious and full of fantastic flavor. And the tilapia is so tender and juicy! Trust me, after having this, you’ll never miss the fried version.

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