Simple Nicoise Salad – 8 Points +

This salad is a classic French salad, but this takes less than 30 minutes start to finish – it’s perfect for an elegant meal on a busy night. The trick to making this salad quick and easy is to cook the green beans and potatoes together. The fresh beans and lettuce that are available right now make this a delicious treat, since there’s nothing quite like fresh salad from the garden. Use tuna canned in water to cut down on the oil in the salad. You’ll have a refreshing and delicious salad in no time. [Read more…]

StarKist Ranch Tuna Creations – 2 Points +

StarKist Ranch Tuna Creations

Ok, StarKist Tuna Creations may have been around for a while now, but in the instance that any of you may be unaware, I feel that it’s necessary to let you all know about them. Perfect for packing a quick lunch on a busy weekday, these portion controlled, individual packets of flavored tuna are nothing short of fantastic. They come in 5 different flavors (Lemon Pepper, Hickory Smoked, Ranch, Herb & Garlic, Sweet & Spicy), but my personal favorite is the Ranch…sooooooo good! Toss it with some fresh greens for an easy and delicious tuna salad, spread it on some whole wheat toast or crackers, or just eat it straight out of the pouch. StarKist Tuna Creations have been a life saver for me on the days I have a hectic schedule and don’t always have the time to prepare a healthy lunch.

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Seared Ahi Tuna Recipe – 4 Points +

Seared Ahi Tuna

A perfectly seasoned tuna steak that makes an ideal Weight Watchers lunch or dinner recipe, this Seared Ahi Tuna is absolutely delicious. And each serving is just 4 Points +! It’s packed with healthy fat and protein and works wonderfully over a salad or rice. It also cooks really fast, so this is something you can get on the plate quickly. I actually prefer mine a little more undercooked, but since my kids were eating this dish too, I opted to cook it a little longer, as you can see in the photo. But the delicious ginger and soy flavors balance the the delicate tuna perfectly, without overwhelming it. This is definitely an easy fish recipe that tastes great, can be prepared by anyone, and is low in Points.

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Spicy Pan Seared Jalapeno Tuna Steaks Recipe – 5 Points +

Spicy Jalapeno Tuna Steaks

In another effort to get more heart healthy fish in my diet, I decided to prepare some tuna steaks. But because I don’t like fish recipes that taste, well, fishy, I always need a good sauce or marinade to help. In just a few minutes, I put this spicy jalapeno marinade together and let it sit for about 30-45 min in the fridge. Then, I just cooked them in a non-stick skillet until they were cooked through, and voila! It was very quick and easy. The jalapeno was not too spicy, so don’t be afraid to try this dish if you are not a fan of spicy foods. The lime juice and garlic really helped give a nice, balanced flavor to the tuna. This could totally be done with Ahi tuna steaks too, I just used albacore because it was readily available to me. I’d even try this marinade on chicken or vegetables to…it’s pretty versatile. But this Spicy Pan Seared Jalapeno Tuna Steaks Recipe is a great way to add some more low calorie fish recipes to your menu.

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Pan Seared Tuna Patties Recipe – 4 Points +

Pan Seared Tuna Patties

These yummy, Pan Seared Tuna Patties are the perfect way to put a unique twist on the traditional tuna sandwich recipe. Just two of these tuna patties are only 4 Points +, which makes it an ideal Weight Watchers lunch. I served mine with a side of salsa, but next time, I’m going to melt some reduced fat cheddar over them for an added flavor boost. They were super easy to make too. They come out crisp and golden on the outside, and warm and soft on the inside. They made a great lunch for my 20 month old…a lot less messy than tuna salad! Loaded with protein and tons of flavor, these Pan Seared Tuna Patties are delicious, healthy and a great low Points meal. Enjoy!

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Tuna Pasta Salad Recipe – 5 Points +

Tuna Pasta Salad Recipe

This incredibly easy Tuna Pasta Salad Recipe was a hit at my house. So creamy and flavorful, so healthy, and just 5 Points + per serving. By using less mayo and some nonfat Greek yogurt instead, the nutritional statistics changed dramatically. I’ve made this dish a few times as a main course and also as a side dish, and it works really well both ways. I also love the fresh taste that the dill brings, and the red onions help to add some extra flavor and a nice crunch. And I think it’s great that this tuna pasta salad is such a versatile dish…you can really experiment and try it with different vegetables and herbs. I made it once with the addition of corn and it was fantastic! Though, I’d highly recommend to serve this dish chilled or at room temp. It’s not quite as good when it’s warm. But this healthy tuna pasta salad recipe will make a great low calorie lunch idea or a super easy weeknight dinner. Definitely add this Weight Watchers pasta salad recipe to your repertoire!

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Basic Tuna Salad Recipe – 3 Points +

Basic Tuna Salad

The perfect quick and healthy lunch idea, this Basic Tuna Salad Recipe is so easy to make and is so tasty! Made with non-fat Greek yogurt instead of mayo, this version is a LOT lighter than a traditional tuna salad recipe. The fresh lemon, dill, and tang of the yogurt helps to give it a very similar flavor to the mayo version, and the celery and onion add crunch and flavor. The best part is that you get a whole 1 cup serving for just 3 Points +! Serve it over a bed of lettuce for a fresh lunch salad, use it as a dip for some low fat crackers or pita chips, or just serve up the traditional way on two slices of low calorie bread. You really can’t go wrong with this Tuna Salad Recipe.

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Mediterranean Tuna Salad Recipe – 5 Points +

This low calorie salad recipe puts a delicious Mediterranean spin on traditional tuna salad recipes. Light and fresh, it’s loaded with fiber and protein, making it an ideal Weight Watchers Recipe. It’s an entree sized salad – about 2.5 cups for the serving size, so it’s definitely satisfying. And the whole serving has just 5 Points +! And the best part is that it’s so easy to make, so if you need a quick lunch recipe that you can make in a pinch, this Mediterranean Tuna Salad is perfect. Enjoy!

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Whole Wheat Tuna Noodle Casserole Recipe – 7 Points +

Whole Wheat Tuna Noodle Casserole

Tuna Noodle Casseroles were always a staple in my house growing up. It was a very inexpensive and easy meal to prepare, and it was the only seafood my parents could get my sister and I to eat. As an adult, I still have a love for this creamy, cheesy comfort food recipe, and have been looking for some good Weight Watchers Tuna Casserole Recipes to try out. In fact, I actually posted another one back in February that is similar, but is two Points + higher that this recipe and also uses asparagus. But I felt like I could do better. So after playing with a few different versions, I created a healthy Tuna Noodle Casserole Recipe that still has all the cheese and carbohydrates, but also has more fiber and less fat. Though it’s not a super low calorie dish, 7 Points + isn’t a bad compromise for 1 1/3 cups. I mean, we are talking about lots of pasta and cheese here, people! I could’ve lowered it a Point or two by using less pasta or cheese, or doing without the breadcrumbs, but I seriously love this dish so much, I just didn’t want to sacrifice too much taste and texture. Though pair it with some roasted vegetables or some zero Points Plus side dishes, and you’ve got a pretty big and satisfying meal.Enjoy!

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Tuscan Tuna Salad Recipe – 5 Points +

Tuscan Tuna Salad

A new take on low calorie tuna salad recipes, this Tuscan Tuna Salad has some wonderful new flavors, and no mayo. It gives a lot of bang for it’s buck with each 1 cup serving coming in at just 5 Points +. Serve it over a bed of fresh greens, or in a low calorie whole wheat pita for a delicious and healthy lunch recipe that tastes incredibly light and fresh. It also works great served on whole wheat crackers an appetizer. Make it in advance and store in the refrigerator for up to two days – it’s great to have on hand for a quick and easy meal when you don’t feel like cooking on a hot summer day. Enjoy!

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Tuna Salad Momentum Plan Recipe – 3 Point Value

Weight Watchers Tuna Salad

The classic Tuna Nicoise Salad Recipe seems harmless, but the truth is, it’s often drowning in fat and excess calories. This Weight Watchers Tuna Salad Recipe has been dramatically lightened up, simply by creating a different dressing with chicken broth vinegar and mustard, and just a touch of oil. It’s light, delicious and incredibly easy to make. Plus, with so much protein and fiber, this Weight Watchers salad is very filling and makes a wonderful Momentum Plan Recipe to add to your collection. It’s a perfect healthy lunch salad recipe that will fill you up, but still let you feel like you are indulging in a fancy, gourmet salad!

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