Moist and delicious, this fabulous Weight Watchers Chocolate Cake is a real winner. It is similar to a rich, decadent devil’s food cake, but this version is slimmed down by adding a shocking secret ingredient: canned sauerkraut. (Yes, you read that right.) But before you judge, you must give this Weight Watchers dessert recipe a try!

This dark chocolate cake is perfect to serve after any holiday dinner or after any meal, for that matter. And it’s an easy cake recipe that just about any amateur baker could pull off.

With just 4 Weight Watcher Points per slice, this decadent dessert is sure to be a hit — and no one will know that the beautiful chocolate cake they are indulging in is low fat, low calories and low in Points!

Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate Cake Recipe


  • 1 spray non fat cooking spray, flour (baking) variety suggested
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 1/3 cups sugar
  • 1 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa
  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter, melted
  • 1 1/2 cups hot water
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 cup(s) sauerkraut, pureed until smooth
  • 1 tsp unsweetened cocoa

*Lightly drizzle cake with Hershey’s chocolate syrup and dust cake with a bit of powdered sugar for no additional Points!

TIP: You can easily change the flavor of this cake by adding strong coffee instead of the hot water or adding cayenne pepper and cinnamon with the vanilla.


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Coat a Bundt pan with cooking spray.
  2. In a large mixing bowl or in the bowl of an electric mixer, combine flour, sugar, baking soda and 2/3 cup of cocoa.
  3. Add melted butter, hot water and vanilla extract; mix well. Add sauerkraut and blend thoroughly.
  4. Pour batter into prepared pan; bake in center of oven until a tester inserted in center of cake comes out clean, about 55 to 60 minutes.
  5. Cool cake in pan for about 20 minutes and then turn out onto a baking rack to cool completely.
  6. Sprinkle with 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder before slicing into 14 pieces.

Entire recipe makes 14 servings
Serving size is 1 slice (1/14th of cake)
Each serving = 4 Weight Watchers Points


  1. I made this for my boss, who is currently on weight watchers. The cake itself turned out very good; rich and moist. I was wondering, what makes it “weight watchers?” It still has flour, sugar, and butter. The only reason I can see to put sauerkraut in it is to boost the moisture, so not sure how it classifies as diet cake (if you will lol).

  2. Hi how do you calculate your point values? Are you using the new plan? This is the second recipe of yours I have tried and love them both!!

  3. Wonderful cake! Family couldn’t believe it had sauerkraut in it!

  4. Love this cake… but even more so – enjoy watching people’s expressions when I tell them it contains sauerkraut!! I’ve never had anyone who disliked it or anyone who would have guessed the sauerkraut… even those who hate sauerkraut.
    I substitute equal parts applesauce for the butter (do for all my baked goods recipes)…cuts out the fat and the butter is never missed. Bakes the same.
    I also cut the sugar to a scant 1 cup with no problem.

  5. I haven’t made this yet but plan to make it tomorrow. I do make make my own sauerkraut and/or buy certain brands on a regular basis. Some brands of sauerkraut try to short-cut the fermenting process by adding vinegar. The real deal should only list cabbage and salt as ingredients. Vinegar based sauerkraut would definitely impart sourness or bitterness.

  6. Khristye Thompson

    Love it I’ve made it several times!

  7. Not again

    Its good and moist. But I noticed that the third day it tasted best as the sting on the sauerkraut was gone by then .. I wouldnt recommend eating it on the first or second day!  I did eat them however to close my apetite!  I wouldnt do it again as I DID taste the sauerkraut!!!

  8. Pam Amesfla

    I made this cake for Thanksgiving and it was a hit! I added the cayenne pepper, cinnamon and used regular brewed coffee instead of the water or strong coffee. Not too sweet for the men in our group, but definitely decadant enough for the women! Moist, chocolatey, flavorful: hard to believe it is actually not bad for you! I will defintely be making it again. I think it would be wonderful with canned cherries on top!

  9. I found it to be a 'heavier' cake as seems to be the case with most homemade cakes. I used whole wheat flour. I did notice that it was done in about 40-45 minutes instead of the 55-60 in the recipe. Everyone LOVED it and it was super moist. We had a couple pieces left that were eaten the next day and they were still wonderful! Everyone asked for the recipe and I'll definitely be making this one again!

  10. Concerned

    Made it and found it to be very heavy. A day later it was harder and heavier. No sauerkraut taste but not the moist 'cake' I expected. What on earth went wrong? I followed the recipe – in an unfamiliar oven. Could it have been in too long? Suggestions would be appreciated…..

  11. I want to try this. Can I use gluten free all purpose flour? If so what kind. I need to make a special cake for my grand daughter no wheat, eggs or milk. Butter and sugar are OK.

  12. Cake is delicious. Recalculated points for new weight watchers points plus. 14 servings is 6 points plus.

  13. I made this for by boss on his birthday as he was on weight watchers. I used strong coffee instead of plain water and I used the special dark unsweetened cocoa and it was a bit hit. Everyone loved it. I also made it for other unsuspecting guests and they too loved the cake. Will make it many more times – it is so rich you only need a small piece.

  14. i made this cake and all you tasted was SAUERKRAUT!!! it tasted TERRIBLE!!! i did everything the recipe says, but all you tasted was sauerkraut… brought it to a party (with very few people) and everyone hated it!! any suggestions for getting rid of this strong taste?

    • Hmmm….try draining and rinsing the sauerkraut first, and then add a bit of water when you puree it. Some brands of sauerkraut are just stronger in flavor than others, too. Maybe try a different brand and see if that'll make a difference. Hope it turns out better for you next time!

  15. Had a sample of this at my meeting on Monday,it was great! You can also make this with finely grated zucchini, I've made zucchini cake for years!

  16. im not on weight watchers and so i dont understand the points system. what is the nutritional (such as calores, carbs, fiber protien) value of this cake?

    • Unfortunately, I don't have the nutritional stats for most recipes…only the Weight Watchers Points. For many of the recipes I create, I use the Weight Watchers Recipe Builder, which uses an pre-set online database of food Points values. Sorry! Wish I could be more helpful.

  17. I think the trick with this cake is not to mix it too much. It was the most amazing, most moist chocolate cake I've ever made. I was really surprised @ how the krout worked with the mix (and even tried some wet). It was delicious!

  18. This will be my second time making this recipe. I took the first cake to a brunch. Everyone really, really liked it. No one even guessed it had the sourkraut in it. I liked it so much I am bringing one for Easter dinner. Hope this new crowd enjoys it as much as the first bunch did. Thank you for this recipe.

  19. I made this cake for our Superbowl party and no one could guess what was in it. The only complaint was that there was a bitterness in the aftertaste. Not to be deterred, I have tried again and modified the recipe a little. Here's what I did:

    I rinsed the sauerkraut in a strainer prior to pureeing. I also added about 1/4 cup of applesauce to the sauerkraut to make it easier to puree.

    I wanted to try a different pan (sheet cake like) so I used the large stoneware pan from Pampered Chef (I LOVE stoneware – – you don't have to oil the pan, just put the batter in it). At 350 degrees it took the cake 22 minutes in my oven.

    Hubby tried it and said the cake was much better than before. Maybe because I rinsed the sauerkraut, maybe because he had a brownie sized piece, maybe because of the applesauce?? Not sure. Either way, a little powdered sugar sprinkled on top and my teens love it! Going to fake everyone out at work tomorrow.

    • These are AWESOME tips!!! Thanks for sharing, Karen!

  20. Just made the recipe, tastes GRRREATT! Will make it again soon. My BF loved it too! He begged me to make it again. Can't taste the sauerkraut.

  21. YUCK! My wife made this for us. I have decided that besides that, she does love me and we will stay married. We are going to seek marriage counciling as I am pretty sure she tried to poison me with this terrible cake. Next time we will save the trouble of cooking and eat a pile of dirt.

  22. This cake was awful. If you like eating sponges with no sweetness than this is the cake for you. It even smells funny. True, batter tastes great (before baking) and you cannot detect the sauerkaut at that time. But save yourself the disappointment and make something else. BIG THUMBS DOWN. :( Tastes like someone pooped in my mouth. Seriously bad.

  23. How do the chocolate syrup and powdered sugar not add extra points?

    • Because the amount used is so minimal, they do not add enough calories or fat to create additional points. :)

  24. Okay, so tomorrow is a double birthday party in my family and I wanted to take a cake I could eat too…so I gave this a shot. It's currently in the oven. It smells DIVINE and, judging from the batter, it's going to be FAN-FLIPPIN-TASTIC! My husband and son (both who can't stand sauerkraut) tasted the batter and were shocked at how great it was and not being ale to taste the sauerkraut. I'm going to have a really hard time not tasting the cake until tomorrow evening!

  25. I just made this cake and brought it to a dinner party. I hadn't tried it before I went, and was horrified to find out that one of the guests was a published chef. But the hostess served the cake (great texture!) and the cake was FANTASTIC (in my humble opinion). The chef asked for the recipe! (Credit to LaaLoosh cited!) Excellent moist, dark, rich, but not-too-sweet cake – I used Hershey's special dark cocoa and it turned out almost black and very dark-chocolate flavored. (And not a hint of sauerkraut when it is baking or tasting!) Lots of great recipes on your site – thank you!!

  26. is there anything I can substitute sauerkraut with?

    I don't manage to find them, but I really want to try this cake


    • You can find canned sauerkraut in just about any grocery store….just checked the canned goods aisle.Unfortunately, there is no substitution.

  27. That looks divine, but I just have one question! Can you tell it has the sauerkraut in it?

    • That was my biggest concern with this too, and surprisingly, NO!! You can't taste the sauerkraut at all!