Halibut En Papillote – 6 Points +

Halibut en Papillote

Parchment paper is not just a great way to keep cookies from sticking to your baking sheet. You can also use it to make a packet to steam fish and vegetables. Halibut is a very mild white fish, which makes it perfect to season with this savory garlic herb butter. The fish is steamed on a bed of fresh cut vegetables, so it can all be left in the paper and served. Add a side of baguette or lightly buttered whole grain pasta and you have a whole meal that is simple and easy to prepare. Even though it’s simple, it looks elegant and beautiful with the bright colors and white fish served in the paper packet. Since it’s all in individual packets, it’s easy to portion out for calories and points plus. If you want to add a little more flair, crinkle cut your vegetables instead of just slicing them.

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Chocolate Raspberry Torte – 6 Points +

Chocolate Raspberry Torte

Bittersweet chocolate is perfect for this raspberry torte. Since it’s not overly sweet, it’s not too rich or overpowering. It’s also a mild chocolate, so it’s not too much for those who aren’t big chocolate fans. The cake is light and delicious and is paired with sweet and succulent fresh raspberries with raspberry jam. Even though there is a little all purpose flour, it’s easy to make this gluten free by just substituting the all purpose flour for an all purpose gluten free flour. There isn’t a lot of flour in this cake, and there isn’t any baking powder, but the beaten eggs work as a perfect leavening agent. The resulting cake is light and tender. You can also make this cake in one cake pan, if you don’t have two (or if you don’t want to wash two pans). Just slice the finished cake in half and then add the raspberry jam for filing. While you can make this without the butter in the cake, adding butter (or lard or shortening) to the chocolate when it melts helps it to melt more evenly. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler if you’re not pressed for time and have patience. Otherwise, just use a glass bowl or measuring cup in the microwave, making sure to stir frequently. This delicious cake will definitely become a household favorite with the delicious chocolate and sweet, fresh raspberries on top.

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Savory Crêpes – 10 Points +

Savory Crepes

Crepes are wonderful. You can fill them with just about anything and they’re really delicious. Quite often we fill our crepes with yogurt and fresh fruit or a fruit sauce. We’ve also made Eggs Benedict in crepes. Really, the filling options are endless. These savory crepes are simple and delicious as well as being vegetarian. The spinach and mushroom filling sautéed in butter with onions adds wonderful flavor. They are savory and rich without being overwhelming. Crepes can be a little difficult to get the hang of at first, but don’t worry. This recipe makes about 15 crepes, but you’ll only need 12 of them for the filling. That gives you a couple of extra crepes to get the heat right, as well as figuring out how to swirl the batter in the pan. The batter will be very thin, so it’ll spread out on the bottom of the pan well. However, your first crepes might still be a little strange. I always know that no matter how many times I’ve made crepes the first one or two will be terrible, then I’ll get the heat just right and they’ll go really well. Crepes hold over well, so you don’t need to fill them if you aren’t going to eat them, just keep the filling and crepes separate. Fill the crepes and heat as needed for a snack, lunch or breakfast the next day.

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Pot Stickers – 7 Points +


Growing up we had quite a bit of different Asian food, but one of our favorites was pot stickers. Pot stickers are very similar in flavor to egg rolls. They are both filled with a seasoned pork and cabbage mixture, but pot stickers are easier and healthier to make. Instead of being deep fat fried, pot stickers are lightly stir fried so they’re browned, then simmered in chicken broth. They originally got their name because they tend to stick to the pan while cooking. When you’re stir frying them, be sure to keep a close eye on them and turn them so they don’t stick to the bottom of the pan. It’s OK if they do, but often you’ll lose a piece of the wonton wrapper and all of the filling will come spilling out. I like to serve mine with a side of stir fried vegetables, marinated Asian cucumbers and rice.
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Rustic Vegetable Pasta – 3 Points +

Rustic Vegetable Pasta

Pasta is one of those things that I struggle with on Weight Watchers. It always seems so high in points that I have a difficult time justifying having it with a meal. The solution for me is quite often using zucchini noodles. But this delicious rustic vegetable pasta is just as wonderful – and only 3 points! The trick is to use whole grain pasta. It’s much higher in fiber than regular durum wheat pasta, which makes it fewer points. Topping the pasta with grilled and seasoned vegetables means that it’s filling without adding on a lot more points. Grilling the vegetables adds a delicious flavor as well as making the vegetables look beautiful. The lemon juice and Italian seasoning add light and delicious flavor, especially when they’re paired with the balsamic seasoned vegetables. Adding lemon juice (or lime juice) to vegetables makes them bright and beautiful.

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Cheesy Zucchini Quiche – 6 Points +

Cheesy Zucchini Quiche

Garden zucchini are finally starting to wind down, so there won’t be too many more zucchini recipes until next summer. This zucchini quiche is wonderful and elegant. It’s a great recipe to make in little tart pans or individual servings as an appetizer, or as a quick and easy breakfast. If you’re going to make this quiche mini though, don’t forget to quarter the zucchini before slicing them, or they’ll overpower the size of the portion. One of the wonderful things about quiches is that they are so simple to make, but they are delicious every time. You can just mix all the ingredients together and it’s ready to go. Quiches also freeze well, so it’s a wonderful meal to make in smaller portions (or just freeze individual slices) for easy weekday breakfasts. Typically in recipes like this, I use the traditional green zucchini, but you can also use yellow summer squash and it’ll be just as wonderful. Yellow summer squash has a lighter flavor and much more tender skin, which makes it ideal for stir fries and sauted vegetables. Yellow summer squash also tend to be a little smaller, as opposed to the club sized zucchini that you sometimes end up with. But whether you use yellow summer squash or zucchini, this recipe is a winner.
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Healthy Jambalaya Recipe – 8 Points +

Jambalaya Recipe

It’s officially fall, folks, and I love getting in the kitchen and whipping up some hearty, soul-warming soups! My husband’s personal favorite is this Healthy Jambalaya Recipe. It is packed with 3 tasty proteins – chicken, shrimp, and sausage. You can choose to make this a tad lighter by subbing out the andouille sausage with some light turkey or chicken sausage, but I’m such a fan of the spicy and flavorful andouille, I’m willing to sacrifice a Point or two for that fantastic flavor. Each ample serving is certain to fill your stomach and and your soul, at just 8 Points +. The easy to follow recipe will have you wanting to make this jambalaya again and again. Enjoy!

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Sweet Tea Glazed Pork Loin – 8 Points +

Sweet Tea Glazed Pork Loin

A pork roast is a great meal. You can feed a lot of people with a single cut of meat that is easy to prepare. It a great meat to put in the crockpot and have a tender and moist meal ready to go in the evening. This pork roast is delicious. It’s basted with a black tea reduction to keep it moist. While the recipe calls for baking it, the roast could also be cooked in a slow cooker crock pot with the glaze. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can brine the pork loin and then grill it (making sure to baste it with the glaze every 10 minutes). Brining the pork helps it to keep moist and tender when grilling. Another great thing about pork is that it is mild enough that something dark and full of flavor like this blackberry sweet tea sauce is perfect – it’s not overpowering but it adds a delicious flavor.

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Chicken Satay Salad – 9 Points +

Chicken Satay Salad

Chicken satay with peanut dipping sauce is a really delicious meal. But since it has to marinate, it’s something that I’m not usually going to make. This chicken satay salad is so easy and quick, it’s something that is a delight to make. I typically use smooth peanut butter, but this last time I used powdered peanut butter. I just mixed it up with water and added it like normal. It’s a great way to cut calories while still enjoying peanut butter. If you’re not a fan of bean sprouts, you can use a cup of shredded cabbage instead (with no significant nutritional change), or get creative and add cucumbers and bell peppers.

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Ham & Broccoli Breakfast Muffins – 3 Points +

Ham & Broccoli Breakfast Muffins

I’m someone who loves to cook, but during the week, the last thing I want to do is actually cook breakfast. While that means that sometimes I’ll just grab yogurt and granola, it also means that sometimes, I just skip it and snack all morning. So, meals like these ham and broccoli breakfast muffins are perfect for me. I can make up a batch while making dinner one night and pop them in the freezer when they’re cooled. Then I can just take out one, heat and eat. It’s perfect for me. There’s no thought about what I’m going to eat, there’s no (silent) whining about fixing it, it’s already ready to go. It takes the excuse out of my mornings and also helps me to get a better start to the day. Paired with a smoothie or couple pieces of fruit, it’s a simple and easy breakfast. This recipe is originally for a wheat biscuit mix, but I frequently use a gluten free biscuit mix and it works just fine.
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Mini Blueberry Cheesecakes – 4 Points +

Mini Blueberry Cheesecakes

Cheesecake is a classic in our house. It’s one of my husband’s favorite desserts. In fact, we had cheesecake at our wedding. It’s not something that I make all that often, however, because the two of us have to eat the whole thing. While I don’t mind eating the whole thing, it’s not good for either of us. The answer is these delicious mini cheesecakes. I use foil muffin cups and don’t even bother with a muffin pan. Then, we keep a couple out for dessert and freeze the rest. Simple defrost them in the fridge (or pop them in the microwave for a few seconds) and add your favorite topping. While these ones have blueberry topping, you can have plain cheesecake, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, caramel apple…the list is endless. If you don’t want to make all of that topping, just make the cheesecakes and then top with a dollop of your favorite jam before you eat it. These are really easy to make and really delicious. The individual portion sizes makes it easy to get enough to satisfy without going overboard.

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Savory Vegetable Stir Fry Recipe – 9 Points +

Savory Vegetable Stir Fry

What better way to get in a nice big serving of veggies than to serve them atop noodles with a delicious Asian-style sauce smothering everything! This Savory Vegetable Stir Fry dish has become a family favorite of ours because not only is it healthy and delicious, but it’s a breeze to prepare. Feel free to mix it up with the veggies and toss in whatever you have on hand. It also works great with cauliflower, bok choy, zucchini, carrots, and snap peas. You could also serve this over brown rice or quinoa if preferred, and it reheats brilliantly the next day, so make sure to make some extra for leftovers!

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