Tabañero Hot Sauce Review and a New Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Wings Recipe

Tabañero Hot Sauce

As you may know, I am pretty much obsessed with hot sauce. I love the heat, I love the tang, and I will put it on just about anything. So when I found out about Tabañero Hot Sauce, which is a 100% natural hot sauce, I was pretty excited to give it a try. This is truly a quality hot sauce….you can really taste the layers of flavor and the freshness if the ingredients. I also love that it delivers some heat without it completely overpowering the food. Preservative and filler free, the taste of Tabañero delivers exactly what it promises and then some. So if you are looking for a natural, healthier hot sauce as an alternative to the more common brands, then definitely give Tabañero a try. You can buy it on their website or on Amazon. And make sure to give it a try in my new Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Wings Recipe (6 Points +) that I featured it in! Keep reading for the recipe…

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Buffalo Chicken Wings Recipe – 3 Points +

Buffalo Chicken Wings

I’ve got another fabulous Super Bowl Recipe to share for the big game on Sunday, and this one is sure to be a crowd pleaser. If you liked my Weight Watchers Buffalo Chicken Strips Recipe, you’ll love this Weight Watchers Buffalo Wings Recipe!! This delicious and easy to make Chicken Wings Recipe has a fabulous Blue Cheese Dip and a tangy buffalo sauce that is to die for. A good buffalo wings recipe is pretty much an essential for any good Super Bowl Party food, but if you are a Weight Watcher, traditional buffalo wing recipes can really rack up those Weight Watchers Points. But with this low Point wing recipe, you can really enjoy yourself! And as an added bonus, you are getting a fantastic Weight Watchers Blue Cheese Dip Recipe too! Plus, it’s SO yummy, all of the non-Weight Watchers will love it too!

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Chicken Wings in Teriyaki Sauce Crock Pot Recipe – 2 Point Value

photo credit: mhaithaca

I have always been a big fan of wings — buffalo wings, BBQ wings, teriyaki wings — I am an equal opportunity wing eater. Bit when I learned the nutritional value of most wings, I pretty much figured that I could never again enjoy that chicken wing yuminess without totally destroying my Weight Watchers Diet Plan. When I found this awesome crock pot recipe — a delicious Teriyaki Wings recipe for just 2 Weight Watchers Points, I was beyond excited. I HIGHLY recommend giving this tasty chicken wing recipe a try. Because it’s cooked in the slow cooker for so long, the meat REALLY soaks up the sauce and becomes so moist and tender and full of flavor. These teriyaki wings are better than most of the wings I’ve had a restaurants!! And yet, they are low in Weight Watchers Points, and are one of the best low calorie recipes for wings that I’ve ever found! Keep checking LaaLoosh for more tasty wing recipes like my low Point Buffalo Wings Recipe and my low Point Honey BBQ Wings Recipe!

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