Crock Pot Breakfast Casserole Recipe – 6 Points +

Crock Pot Breakfast Casserole

On Christmas morning, wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to a healthy, Weight Watchers breakfast that was cooked for you, hot and ready? Well, this easy Crock Pot Breakfast Casserole Recipe does just that! Full of protein, but lower on carbs, this breakfast casserole packs in everything you need for a filling and satisfying meal. Just prep it and put it on the crock pot the night before, and it’ll be ready when you wake up! I topped mine with some reduced fat sour cream and salsa for extra oomph. I’ve also made this dish with turkey bacon instead of sausage, and that works really well too. And each serving is just 6 Points +, which isn’t bad for a delicious casserole filed with sausage and cheese. This breakfast casserole recipe is perfect for the non-morning person who still wants to put together a healthy and tasty breakfast for the family. Enjoy!

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Light Beef Sliders Recipe – 7 Points +

Light Beef Sliders

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m already salivating at the thought of all the tasty foods at Super Bowl parties, and it’s not even Christmas yet! One of my favorite, easy finger foods recipes that is delicious, but still low in Weight Watchers Points, are these low calorie Beef Sliders. By using half the amount of ground beef that I normally would and replacing it with fresh mushrooms, I’m still able to get a good, meaty flavor but with a lot less fat, calories and cholesterol. And they taste like they are 100% beef! I got this idea one evening after savoring one my absolute favorite Weight Watchers vegetarian recipes, my Vegetarian Philly Cheese Steak. The success of using mushrooms instead of steak in that sandwich was tremendously successful, so I decided to use a variation of that idea and use mushrooms in place of just some of the beef in these sliders. They were amazing. My husband couldn’t tell they weren’t all beef, and my kids gobbled them up. At just 7 Points + for 2 of these thick, cheese covered sliders, including the bun, I’d say that’s a pretty fair bargain. These low calorie sliders would make a great Super Bowl Recipe, fun weeknight dinner idea, or a savory finger food to serve at your next party. Enjoy!

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Beef Tips in Mushroom Sauce Crock Pot Recipe – 10 Points +

Beef Tips in Mushroom Sauce Crock Pot Recipe

Back when Weight Watchers was still using their old Points plan, I posted a Beef Tips in Mushroom Sauce Recipe. Since then, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback and questions about it, so I decided to re-make this dish, change it up a bit, and calculate the new Points + value. Even though it ends up being 10 Points + per serving, these beef tips were sooooooo good! If you are a meat lover, then this is absolutely worth the splurge in Points. It packs in tons of protein too, so it’s really a satisfying dish. Try serving it over some Miracle Noodle orzo for 0 Points +, or over your favorite rive or noodles for additional Points +. This is one easy Weight Watchers Crock Pot Recipe that is a must make this fall/winter

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Baked Egg Bread Boat Recipe – 9 Points +

Baked Egg Bread Boat

If you are in the mood for a bit of a Points splurge for a an absolutely delicious and decadent breakfast recipe, then this Baked Egg Bread Boat Recipe is just the ticket. I came across this recipe at Spoon Fork Bacon, and decided to play around with it a bit to make it more Weight Watchers friendly. Just a few small changes, and my Baked Egg Bread Boat turned out SO good! For 9 Points + you get an entire sourdough demi baguette filled with baked in egg whites, cheese and veggies. Seriously delicious. It’ can be a little tricky getting the right cut into the bread…I plan on attempting this recipe a few more times to see if I can do it better and get a better picture. But overall, it’s really an easy breakfast or brunch recipe to make and the flavors and textures are incredible. I can’t wait to make this again! This is a wonderful Weight Watchers breakfast idea for those days when you need your carb fix. Enjoy!

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Baked and Breaded Mushrooms Recipe – 3 Points +

Baked Mushrooms

I’m one of those people who believe that any food breaded and fried is just absolutely delicious. And these Baked & Breaded Mushrooms are no exception. But my version uses Panko, is baked, not fried, and is just as good, if not WAY better than the greasy fried version. The delicate flavor of the mushroom is not lost, and the crisp, Parmesan seasoned Panko breading is oh so perfect. I served these with a side of low calorie Ranch dressing, and it was AMAZING. Each serving is just 3 Points +, which is a lot better than traditional fried breaded mushrooms. You can make these as a Weight Watchers appetizer for a party or potluck, or just serve them up as a late night snack for when the fried greasy food craving kicks in. These will also make a great addition to my collection of Weight Watchers Super Bowl Recipes! Though, I have a feeling that during football season this year, these Baked and Breaded Mushrooms are going to become a regular game day snack long before the Super Bowl. Enjoy!

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Mushroom Soup Recipe – 1 Points +

Mushroom Soup

Even though we are in the midst of summer heat, I came across a super amazing Mushroom Soup Recipe at Season with Spice. It simply looked too good not to try, and I happened to have a lot of extra mushrooms in the fridge, so despite the 96 degree temperature outside, I got to work re-working her recipe into something more Weight Watchers friendly. I nixed a few fattening ingredients, and used my good-old-reliable-use-it-in-just-about-everything ingredient, nonfat Greek yogurt as a substitute for the heavy cream. I was very happy with how well it turned out – creamy, light, and perfectly seasoned. The addition of the white wine gave it more of a luxe feel, and the nutmeg in the this mushroom soup has such a nice “holiday” taste that I would make this as appetizer for Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner. Since we are nowhere near those holidays now, I served this with a light, low calorie sandwich recipe for a perfect and healthy lunch. And at just 1 Points + per serving, this healthy mushroom soup recipe is a great way to help fill you up before a meal without sacrificing a lot of Weight Watchers Points.

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Noodle-Free Lasagna Recipe – 6 Points +

Noodle-Free Lasagna

I got rid of the noddles in this Noodle-Free Lasagna Recipe, and used grilled zucchini and Portabella mushrooms instead, and it was a HUGE hit! The lasagna tasted amazing and the noodles weren’t missed a bit. The key was to still use good mozzarella cheese (not fat free) and use real ground beef instead of ground turkey. This helps to keep all of the amazing flavors of a traditional lasagna that we all love. But using the grilled vegetables instead of noodles helped to cut down on a lot of the calories and carbohydrates while adding additional fiber and protein. It’s important to note that salting and grilling the zucchini and mushrooms is a must-do…this helps to eliminate much of the water from the vegetables (and also adds a wonderful flavor!). If you don’t salt and grill the veggies beforehand, the lasagna will be very, very watery. So don’t skip that step! This Noodle Free Lasagna was seriously SO good, my husband even stated that we should never use noodles again when making lasagna. Each nicely sized serving is just 6 Points +, making it a fantastic idea for a Weight Watchers lasagna recipe that won’t use up a lot of your daily Points. Enjoy!

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Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Pasta Alfredo Recipe – 5 Points +

Roasted Red Pepper Pasta Alfredo

An easy and healthy dinner idea, this Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Pasta Alfredo Recipe is all kinds of good! Full of flavor, and smothered in creamy Alfredo sauce, it’s hard to believe that each serving is just 5 Points +. The jarred Alfredo sauce makes this a super easy dinner recipe, and it aso helps to cut down on the calories a lot. And bulking up the Alfredo sauce with a bit of non-fat Greek yogurt helps add protein and texture without adding a lot more Points. The end result is perfect – a rich and creamy Pasta Alfredo. The added mushrooms and roasted red peppers help contribute delicious flavors and also help add some bulk to the dish, giving you more bang for your buck. Pair this Alfredo pasta recipe with a low calorie salad and you’ve got a fantastic Weight Watchers dinner that tastes amazing and will still keep you on track to reaching your weight loss goals.

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Ground Beef Stroganoff Casserole Recipe – 7 Points +

Ground Beef Stroganoff Casserole

A true classic comfort food recipe, this easy Ground Beef Stroganoff Casserole delivers the flavors you desire, but with a lot less fat and calories. Each serving of this lighter version of traditional beef stroganoff has just 7 Points +. It’s a fast and easy recipe that is not only economical, but sure to be a family favorite. Even though my toddler isn’t a fan of mushrooms or onions, this ground beef stroganoff dish always goes over well, and he gobbles it up. And I love that it’s a casserole recipe that tastes like it’s very fattening! I always feel very satisfied after eating it, which is key to staving off those late evening munchies. It’s definitely a staple weeknight night meal idea in my household. Pair it with a fresh salad or zero Points soup for a complete meal that’s easy on your Weight Watchers Points.

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Creamy Mushroom and Chicken Stew Crock Pot Recipe – 4 Points +

Creamy Mushroom and Chicken Stew

A delicious, healthy dinner recipe that can be prepared quickly, this Creamy Mushroom and Chicken Stew is ideal. Each serving is just 4 Points +, and is very filling. The first time I made this chicken stew recipe, I just ate is straight from the bowl, the way a stew is typically devoured. The second time I made it, I served it over some 0 calorie orzo from Miracle Noodle, and I felt like I was eating a HUGE meal for just 4 Points +. It did need some extra salt and pepper, but it was fantastic, and oh-so satisfying! Weight Watchers Crock Pot Recipes are my go to meals when I’m pressed for time and have some leftover produce in my fridge that I want to use up before it gets bad. And this Creamy Mushroom and Chick Stew Crock Pot Recipe is perfect for that! I almost always have all those ingredients on hand. However, be aware that working with yogurt and a crock pot can be tricky, as the yogurt can curdle. To avoid that, make sure the yogurt is at room temp and only add it in before serving – don’t let it simmer in there all day. Enjoy!

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Turkey Lasagna Recipe with Spinach and Mushrooms – 6 Points +

Turkey Lasagna with Spinach and Mushrooms

This easy Turkey Lasagna Recipe is really simple to make and it tastes great! Without sacrificing the fabulous ricotta cheese (I used a delicious fat free ricotta from Trader Joe’s) and mozzarella cheese (a reduced fat shredded mozzarella), and also by making a few healthier substitutions, you get a very nicely sized piece of lasagna for just 6 Points +. By using prepared marinara sauce in a jar I was able to shave some time and effort off the preparation, which I always appreciate. The addition of the spinach and mushroom and the lean ground turkey, give this healthy turkey lasagna recipe a lot of fiber and protein. I used oven ready organic whole wheat lasagna noodles that I found at Whole Foods, and they were amazing! So good for you, and truly tasted just as good as traditional lasagna noodles. This low calorie turkey lasagna recipe is a healthy dinner that the whole family will enjoy.

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Olive and Mushroom Tapenade Recipe – 2 Points +

Olive and Mushroom Tapenade

If you need a tasty, yet healthy idea for a Hanukkah party appetizer (or any holiday party!), this delicious Olive and Mushroom Tapenade Recipe will have your guests squealing with delight. Incredibly flavorful but light, each 1/4 cup serving has just 2 Points +. And I LOVE the addition of almonds which gives it a sightly more coarse texture and adds a very mild hint of sweetness…oh so yummy. You can serve the mushroom olive tapenade alongside crusty bread with goat cheese, grilled vegetables or chicken, or even toss it with some 0 calorie Miracle Noodles or another high fiber, low calorie pasta for an amazing meal. I especially love serving this at Hanukkah because it does have some oil, but it has so much less than all the latkes and other traditional oily foods. Plus, it’s delicious and unique, and no one has any idea that it’s Weight Watchers friendly. There are days when I will just make this for myself and dip some raw veggies into it as my evening snack while catching up on my DVR. Enjoy!

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