Vegetarian Chili Recipe with Lentils – 3 Points +

Vegetarian Chili Recipe with Lentils

With the chilly fall weather in full swing, it’s time to warm up your belly with this hearty, savory and ridiculously healthy Lentil Chili Recipe. Using lentils as the protein source in place of meat and beans, it’s wonderful vegetarian chili that is incredibly satisfying, tremendously flavorful, and yet still only 3 Points + for each nicely sized portion. Lentils have a TON of protein and fiber, so this chili is very filling. And lentils also don’t require soaking, so you can literally toss everything into one pot, and it’s ready in less than an hour. I almost always have all of these ingredients on hand, so it’s perfect for when I want to whip up a quick weekend lunch to serve with our leftover Challah bread from Friday night dinner. I also like to make big batches of this, then freeze and store individual portions so I have something Weight Watchers friendly on hand when I need a quick lunch or dinner. It’s truly a fantastic vegetarian chili recipe that is so good, you won’t even miss the meat. I topped mine with a bit of sour cream and fresh cilantro for garnish…yum!

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Crock Pot Pork Chili Recipe – 4 Points +

Crock Pot Pork Chili

Normally, one wouldn’t imagine a bowl of steaming hot chili as a meal on a sweltering summer day, but this Crock Pot Pork Chili is so light and fresh tasting, it makes a wonderful Weight Watchers Summer Recipe. The pork is nice and lean, and the fresh lime juice really help give this low calorie chili a bright flavor boost and a summer-y feel. This is a perfect crock pot recipe for when you have a busy day ahead, as the prep work is minimal, so you can toss it all in your slow cooker and forget about it until dinner time. I also topped mine with some reduced fat sour cream (for 1 extra Points Plus) and I really loved the flavor and texture that added to the chili. But feel free to top it with other flavor fixin’s you might like: jalapenos, green onions, diced onions, shredded cheese…these are all great options. And at just 4 Points + for each large serving, this guilt free Crock Pot Pork Chili is an absolute winner.

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White Turkey Chili Recipe – 5 Points +

White Turkey Chili

Chili has always been one of my go to foods when I want to eat a lot without using a lot of Points. It’s heartier than a soup, very filling, and I can eat more than 1 serving without feeling guilty. Plus, it’s insanely healthy, and full of fiber and protein. My White Turkey Chili Recipe is the perfect example of what I’m talking about. I even dressed it up with mozzarella cheese and plain, non-fat Greek yogurt, and each serving still camne in at just 5 Points +….and it was delicious! The mozzarella gets all melty, and the ground turkey gets nice and moist from stewing a while in the citric acid of the tomatillos. SO GOOD! This can also be made with fresh tomatillos, if you prefer. Either way, it’s a delicious and unique Weight Watchers chili recipe that is sure to fill you up without using many Points. Enjoy!

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Tamale Pie Recipe – 6 Points +

Tamale Pie

Got some leftover chili on hand? Well, here’s an amazing Tamale Pie Recipe that you can use it in to create a super quick, easy and low calorie dinner. Basically, this is a Weight Watchers casserole recipe which consists of layers of polenta, chili, corn salsa and cheese. Um….YUM. Just by layering a few prepared ingredients, you’ll get one tasty casserole that the whole family will love. And this is crazy easy…it took me all of 5 minutes to slice the polenta and layer everything into the casserole dish. Though, I did accidentally slice my polenta a bit too thick, and was short on a few slices to cover the entire top of the casserole (as seen in my photo). But wow, was this GOOD! My whole family loved it, and the leftovers heated up very nicely the next day. So if you are wondering what to do with all that extra chili, try this Tamale pie Recipe! And this man-pleasing recipe is perfect for Super Bowl Sunday too. Enjoy!

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Light Beef Chili Recipe – 4 Points +

Light Beef Chili

This amazing Light Beef Chili Recipe has become one of my staples in the winter and fall seasons. By using an extra lean ground beef (96% lean and 4% fat), and bulking the dish up with hearty vegetables, this chili comes in at just 4 Points + per serving. It’s so incredibly flavorful and is loaded with fiber, protein and Vitamin C. It’s the perfect Weight Watchers Chili Recipe to help warm you up (and fill you up!) on a chilly day. Garnish it with some green onions or low fat cheddar cheese for even more deliciousness! I also love that this is such an easy chili recipe to make and it makes enough for lots of leftovers. Often times, I will make this chili, then measure out a few individual servings and place them each in a Ziploc bag and the freeze them. That way, when I need something hot and hearty, I just have to pull one out of the freezer and heat it up. This is a LIFESAVER on days when I’m tired/cranky/busy/lazy or all of the above. Truly, this is an awesome low calorie chili recipe that you must try.

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Buffalo Chicken Chili Recipe – 6 Points +

Buffalo Chicken Chili

I do believe I have found one of my new favorite Weight Watchers Recipes — this incredibly delicious Buffalo Chicken Chili Recipe. Oh my GOD, it is is so good! As I’ve said many times before, I am a huge fan of buffalo chicken anything, so when I found the original version of this recipe at Closet Cooking, I was psyched to re-vamp it and make it a more Weight Watchers friendly dish. Each large serving is just 6 Points +, and is incredibly flavorful and satisfying. It’s definitely a different taste than a traditional chili — it tastes kinda like a buffalo wing stew. SO GOOD. I like mine spicy, so I added extra hot sauce, but if you prefer a more mild buffalo chicken chili, just use a bit less hot sauce. I plan on using this as a Weight Watchers Super Bowl Recipe too and serving it with some carrot and celery sticks…the men will love it and will have no idea they are eating a chicken chili that’s good for them and low in calories. If you are a fan of buffalo chicken wings, you must try this Buffalo Chicken Chili. I would eat this everyday if I could!

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White Chicken Chili Recipe – 5 Points +

White Chicken Chili

photo credit: incredifood

This low calorie White Chicken Chili recipe has been one of my go to Weight Watchers Recipes whenever I need a quick and healthy dinner idea that can be ready in a pinch. To save time, I usually buy a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store, peel the skin off the breasts and then shred the breast meat. It’s a super easy chili to prepare and has just 5 Points + for a 1 1/4 cup serving. Sometimes, I’ll add a few of my favorite crumbled Reduced Fat Organic Tortilla Chips. Loaded with delicious spices and packed with protein, it’s the perfect, spicy chili for a cold Fall or Winter night!

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Mushroom and Black Bean Crock Pot Chili Recipe – 6 Points +

I’m always on the lookout for delicious and healthy Weight Watchers Slow Cooker Recipes, because, let’s face it, cooking in a crock pot pretty much rules. With a toddler at home and a baby in my tummy causing horrible morning sickness, I LOVE the idea of throwing some food in a pot and calling it dinner! This amazingly yummy Mushroom and Black Bean Crock Pot Recipe was so good! Loaded with flavor, spice and texture, this chili was way more enjoyable than I anticipated. It’s also packed with protein and fiber, and very low in fat, giving it just 6 Points + per serving. It’s a great, healthy alternative to traditional Mexican foods, and still brings that authentic Mexican flavor. This is also a great dish to serve for a crowd or large party, and is sure to fool everyone into thinking it’s fatteningly delicious!

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White Bean Turkey Chili Recipe – 4 Point Value

White Bean Turkey Chili

A great alternative to traditional chili recipes, this Weight Watchers Turkey Chili Recipe has a wonderfully unique taste that even the most pickiest eater will enjoy! I first learned of this recipe through my good friend, and fellow Weight Watcher, Janice, who is the writer of the fabulous blog, Sew Girly. She prepares this white bean chili recipe frequently and after hearing about how fabulous it is, I decided to try it myself, and I was blown away! It is such a nice change of pace from the typical chili recipe! This White Bean Chili also makes a fabulous Weight Watchers Crock Pot Recipe and it makes great leftovers so it tastes even better the next day for lunch! I prefer to prepare this as a crock pot recipe, and then divide the whole thing up into individual portions and freeze them so I can reheat it in a pinch for a quick and easy meal. With just 4 Weight Watchers Points per serving, and TONS of fiber and protein, this dish also makes a fantastic Momentum Plan Recipe. Each serving is really quite large so it will fill you up and won’t be hungry. And there’s nothing better than feeling full when you are dieting!! So if you are following the Weight Watchers Momentum Plan, or if you are just looking to expand your collection of yummy chili recipes, you are gonna want to give this white bean turkey chili a try, ASAP!

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Crock Pot Black Bean Chili Recipe – 4 Point Value


When I was young, I was never really a big fan of chili recipes. I always thought there were too many beans. And I hate most beans — lima beans, kidney beans, pinto beans — gross. However, the one type of bean I actually like is black beans. So, determined to find a good chili recipe that I liked, that was easy to make and that was also low calorie, healthy, and made for a good Weight Watchers recipe, I experimented until I developed a healthy chili recipe that was delicious, low calorie and not overcome with beans! This crock pot chili recipe not only tastes amazing, but it’s full of fiber, protein, vitamin A and vitamin C, while still being incredibly low in fat and calories. This is an amazing Weight Watchers chili recipe that your whole family will love. Give it a try!

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