Ginger Miso Soup Recipe – 1 Points +

Ginger Miso Soup

One of my favorite low calorie side dishes to order when eating out at a Japanese Restaurant is miso soup. It’s a great way to fill up before a meal so I don’t overeat. And when I’m eating at a Japanese restaurant, it’s usually sushi that I’m ordering, and I can sure get myself into trouble overeating that…yum! But I digress…miso soup is a wonderful and delicious way to bulk up my meal without adding more than 1-2 Points. I’ve come to love it so much, that I decided to make my own amped up version at home. Full of vegetables and the wonderful flavors of ginger and garlic, each serving of my Weight Watchers Ginger Miso Soup Recipe is just 1 Points +. I like to pair this with a salad or sandwich for a very satisfying lunch or dinner.

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Fresh Spring Pea Soup Recipe – 4 Points +

Fresh Spring Pea Soup

Truthfully, I’ve never been a fan of peas. I usually always pick them out of whatever food I’m eating, unless it’s masked really well in a carb-y, cheesy casserole. To eat them straight up, as a side to a meal, is like my worst nightmare. But one day, while browsing through one of my cooking magazines, I came across a lovely photo of a beautiful, bright green pea soup. The fresh, stunning color inspired me to give this little legume another shot. Pea soup recipes are surprisingly popular, so I thought that for one day, I must put aside my hated of the peas, and for the sake of all my pea soup loving readers, I need to give pea soup a chance. I bought some beautiful and taut fresh peas from the store, which are much more appealing than the canned or frozen, and that got me a little excited. I whipped up the low calorie pea soup in no time, and was ready for my taste. Creamy, rich, savory…..I CANNOT BELIEVE I LIKED IT. Not just tolerated it, I liked it. The distinctive taste of the pea was still there, though it was transformed dramatically by all the buttery shallots and salty feta. I devoured a bowl, and even voluntarily ate leftovers the next day. It was excellent. And just 4 Points + per serving! Truly a great way to get in some serious protein and fiber, and it’s very filling. Pair this with a light turkey or tuna sandwich and you’ve got one amazing Weight Watchers meal.

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Chipotle Pumpkin Black Bean Soup Recipe – 3 Points +


I cannot even begin to express how delicious this Chipotle Pumpkin Black Bean Soup Recipe was! I know it’s officially spring, the weather is getting warmer, and the last thing we want is a hearty pumpkin soup to remind us of the cold weather season. BUT…this soup is absolutely worth it. I was inspired by Rachel Ray’s version which I recently came across. But my version is very different from hers, and a lot less in Weight Watchers Points Plus. Using non-traditional flavors with pumpkin (like cumin and chipotle) really brought out some wonderful new tastes. And the roasted onions and garlic added such an amazing flavor! This soup turned out incredible – and, all that fiber made it so filling! Each nicely sized serving is just 3 Points +. I had a bowl of this soup with a side salad for lunch, and I was totally full until dinner time. So don’t push back that canned pumpkin in your pantry until next fall…use it right now in this incredible Chipotle Pumpkin Black Bean Soup Recipe. You will love it!

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Tom Kha Gai Soup Recipe – 3 Points +

Tom Kha Soup

Tom Kha Gai Soup, or Thai Coconut Soup, has always been one of absolute favorite foods. I salivate at the mere thought of it. Sweet, spicy, tangy….it has everything I adore. But restaurant versions can be waaaay high in fat in calories,. not to mention, it gets expensive buying soup from Thai restaurants all the time! So I decided to make a healthier, Weight Watchers Tom Kha Gai Soup at home, and see if I could get close to the restaurant flavor. Well, let me tell you, I was blown away by how incredible this Tom Kha Soup turned out!! Holy, moly, it was GOOD. And honestly, tasted exactly like the restaurant version, just not as oily. It was absolutely perfect. And just 3 Weight Watchers Points to boot! What amazed me the most though, was how easy and quick this soup was to make. If you are a fan of Thai coconut soup, then my low calorie Tom Kha Gai is a must make. Enjoy!

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Winter Minestrone Recipe – 4 Points +

Winter Minestrone

The ultimate in comfort food, this healthy minestrone soup recipe is a great way to fill up and feel incredibly satisfied without using many Weight Watchers Points. It’s thick and hearty…almost more like a stew, and is loaded with vegetables and fiber. The tomato based broth is seasoned just perfectly, and the spinach adds a nice touch. Each serving is just 4 Points +, so feel free to pair this with a bread stick and salad for a complete, guilt free meal. When I made this minestrone, I used a high fiber alphabet pasta (it was what I had on hand for the kids), but any kind is fine. Though I suggest using something small, like ditalini. The soup also reheats very well…I actually froze individual portions so I could just grab one from the freezer on hectic days where I needed a quick lunch. This feel good Winter Minestrone is as healthy as it is delicious, and I highly recommend giving it a try. Enjoy!

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Tomato Basil Caprese Soup Recipe -3 Points +

Tomato Basil Caprese Soup

As healthy a it is delicious, this surprisingly low calorie Tomato Basil Caprese Soup Recipe is a wonderful Weight Watchers Soup Recipe to help fill you up without using a lot of those precious Points Plus. Each serving is just 3 Points +, and that includes a nice, 1oz slice of fresh mozzarella cheese. In my photo above, these cheese actually sank a little bit because I used a bit too much broth, and the soup was thinner than what it should be. So, these cheese wasn’t able to melt as easily. But, if the soup is the right texture, these cheese will sit nicely, right on top while you broil it, and melt over the soup in an ooey, gooey, heavenly layer of deliciousness. Roasting the tomatoes and garlic give this tomato basil soup such a gourmet flavor, and is so much healthier. Pair this light toamto soup with your favorite sandwich or salad, and it will definitely help you feel more satisfied. It is DELICIOUS. Enjoy!

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Summer Borscht Recipe – 3 Points +

Summer Borscht

With my recent supply of beets that I received in my Farm Fresh to You package, I decided to attempt one of my husband’s favorite soups…borscht. I had never had it before, so I did some research and found a few traditional borscht recipes that looked pretty good. I made a few changes enhancements to the recipes and I was really quite surprised at how good cold, pink soup could be. It was very creamy and flavorful, and actually very, very healthy. With temperature still being quite hot here in Southern California, this cold soup was a delight to eat on a hot summer’s night. My husband, who grew up eating borscht on a regular basis even said my Summer Borscht Recipe would make his grandma envious! The combination of sweet and tangy flavors in this creamy soup work perfectly. It’s a great way to fill up without using many Weight Watchers Points. Plus, it’s pink soup…and it just looks really cool. Enjoy!

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Scallops and Roasted Corn Chowder Recipe – 5 Points +

Scallops and Roasted Corn Chowder

Lately, I have been really craving corn. I know that’s an odd craving, but maybe knowing that the end of summer is just around the corner, my taste buds are trying to savor every last kernel of the season. So I went to work in the kitchen to whip up a healthy corn chowder recipe, also utilizing some beautiful fresh scallops I had just purchased. I decided to use some roasted corn (like this one from Trader Joe’s). I love the smoky taste that roasted corn has, and it worked perfectly with the chipotle seasonings I used in the chowder. The delicate flavor of the pan seared scallops was absolutely amazing in this hearty and very filling chowder. I also added in some of my favorite real bacon bits, which complemented the dish perfectly. This Scallops and Roasted Corn Chowder recipe turned out flawless! It was so incredibly delicious. Even my 1 year old daughter gobbled it up (although, that girl eats EVERYTHING, bless her heart). And at just 5 Points + per serving, this Scallops and Roasted Corn Chowder Recipe is a must try.

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Mushroom Soup Recipe – 1 Points +

Mushroom Soup

Even though we are in the midst of summer heat, I came across a super amazing Mushroom Soup Recipe at Season with Spice. It simply looked too good not to try, and I happened to have a lot of extra mushrooms in the fridge, so despite the 96 degree temperature outside, I got to work re-working her recipe into something more Weight Watchers friendly. I nixed a few fattening ingredients, and used my good-old-reliable-use-it-in-just-about-everything ingredient, nonfat Greek yogurt as a substitute for the heavy cream. I was very happy with how well it turned out – creamy, light, and perfectly seasoned. The addition of the white wine gave it more of a luxe feel, and the nutmeg in the this mushroom soup has such a nice “holiday” taste that I would make this as appetizer for Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner. Since we are nowhere near those holidays now, I served this with a light, low calorie sandwich recipe for a perfect and healthy lunch. And at just 1 Points + per serving, this healthy mushroom soup recipe is a great way to help fill you up before a meal without sacrificing a lot of Weight Watchers Points.

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Sweet and Sour Beef Cabbage Soup Recipe – 5 Points +

Sweet and Sour Beef Cabbae Soup

The perfect, quick weeknight dinner recipe, this delicious Sweet and Sour Beef Cabbage Soup is not only super easy to prepare in a pinch, you get a whole 2 cup serving for just 5 Points +! And it’s nice to enjoy such a satisfying dish without using up so many Weight Watchers Points, so that means there’s room for dessert :). Bulked up with veggies, trimmed down with extra lean beef, and drowning in a tangy, sweet & sour broth, this soup is oh so flavorful and very filling. With the winter weather really kicking in, this hot and hearty soup is a great low calorie meal idea!

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Roasted Pumpkin and Apple Soup Recipe – 3 Points +

Roasted Pumpkin and Apple Soup

photo credit: delicious dish recipes

Happy Halloween!! After a night of trick or treating, and trying your best to avoid the barrage of candy, come home and treat yourself to the amazingly delicious, and low calorie, Roasted Pumpkin and Apple Soup Recipe. Creamy and thick, and seasoned with amazing Fall spices, this pumpkin soup is not only tasty, it’s super healthy too. With lots of fiber, and a good dose of protein, each 1 cup serving has just 3 Points +. Pair it with a fabulous fall salad, and you’ve got yourself one awesome Halloween Night dinner that tastes incredible and is Weight Watchers friendly. Granted, this recipe does take some work, but the roasted flavor of the apples and pumpkin in what gives this dish it’s unique taste. Most other versions call for using canned pumpkin, which can certainly be done, but I so love the flavor of the fresh, cooked pumpkin. Enjoy!! And stay away from that candy bowl!!

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Amy’s Organic Chunky Tomato Bisque – 3 Points Plus

Amy's Organic Chunky Tomato Bisque

Need a quick, ready made soup for lunch that’s healthy, low calorie and delicious? Check out Amy’s Organic Chunky Tomato Bisque! It’s the best tomato soup I’ve ever had, and it’s just 3 Points Plus per serving. It’s made with just 8 natural, all organic ingredients, and it makes the perfect guilt free side dish to any tasty Weight Watchers Sandwich Recipe.

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