Cabernet Beef Pot Roast Recipe – 4 Points +

Cabernet Beef Pot Roast

There’s something about pot roasts that just take me back to my childhood and coming in from a chilly fall day to the aroma of a juicy, tender roast in the oven. As a Weight Watchers member, I try to avoid red meat most of the time due to it being higher in Points Plus and higher in cholesterol. But every now and then, I reward myself, and this Cabernet Beef Pot Roast Recipe is a perfect treat. The key in this dish is REALLY getting that roast trimmed of fat. I usually have the butcher trim it for me at the store, then I spend about 10 minutes going over it really well myself and trimming as much fat as possible. Occasionally, I’ll find some really good lean, pre-packaged ones at the store that don’t need trimming at all – like the one I used for this post. And the bonus is that the nutritional stats of the meat were on the label, so I was able to see how much fat was in the meat. The one I used had just 3.5g of fat per 4oz, which was AWESOME. The roast is seasoned and then braised in a red wine broth. It’s very simple, allowing for the true flavor of the beef to shine through. I’m thrilled to have found a healthy pot roast recipe that allows me to enjoy red meat more often!

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Slow Cooker Pot Roast Recipe – 5 Points +

Slow Cooker Pot Roast

photo credit: web md

It’s Tuesday, and I’m feeling LAZY. So tonight’s dinner will be my trusted and true, slow cooker Pot Roast Recipe. I love the ease of WW crock pot recipes and the fact that they are always so yummy! This particular pot roast is super flavorful and delicious, and the meat is so moist, it just melts in your mouth, like butter, baby! It’s a healthier version with a LOT less sodium, fat and calories than traditional pot roast recipes, but still tastes just as good. And at just 5 Points + per serving, including the gravy, it makes an awesome, low calorie weeknight dinner idea. Easy for me, good for my family!

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Herb Crusted Pot Roast Recipe – 6 Point Value

Weight Watchers Pot Roast

This delicious Weight Watchers Pot Roast recipe makes a lovely main course for any Hanukkah or Christmas dinner. It’s flavorful, soft, tender and juicy, and packs in only 6 Points per serving. You can even turn leftovers into flavorful steak sandwiches or eat some for breakfast with scrambled eggs. The herb crusted coating gives it a lovely aroma and an aesthetic beauty, so it will look gorgeous on your holiday dinner table! Most pot roast recipes can be pretty fattening and high in Points, but the way this one is prepared, all the taste of a traditional, juicy roast beef is maintained, but much of the extra fat and calories have been eliminated. Pair it up with some yummy salads and veggies, or stay tuned into LaaLoosh to get my AWESOME Holiday Mashed Potato Recipe, and serve it up with that. If you are a conscious Weight Watcher looking for an amazing Hanukkah or Christmas pot roast to serve up this holiday, give this delicious holiday roast recipe a try. You’ll be glad you did – and so will your dinner guests!

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Pot Roast Recipe Low Calorie – 7 Point Value

Beef Pot Roast Dish Photo

Pot Roast Recipe

Who doesn’t love a good All American pot roast? This classic meal takes me back to being a kid in snowy Pennsylvania, when I would come inside from being out playing in the snow and the fragrance of Mom’s pot roast would send my olfactory sensors into overdrive. So, I’m sharing my recipe (the Weight Watchers version) with you in the hopes that you’ll savor it the same way I have. This method of cooking an inexpensive cut of meat makes it so tender that this recipe will always be one of my favorite meals. And the best part is that it’s assembled very quickly, in 15 minutes or less, and then requires no more attention until it is done! Woo hoo!

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