Chicken and Garbanzo Bean Pesto Salad Recipe – 6 Points +

Chicken and Garbanzo Beans Pesto Salad

In an effort to “detox” my body this week for the holiday eating I indulged in, I’m making an effort to eat mostly low carb/high protein, and as little processed food as possible. One dish that will be on my menu is this Chicken and Garbanzo Bean Pesto Salad Recipe for just 6 Points +. Not only is it super easy to make, but it’s a great way to utilize leftover chicken or rotisserie chicken, and with all the protein and fiber, it’s a pretty satisfying salad. The basil pesto dressing adds a lovely and bold flavor without needing to use too much of it, which is great for helping to keep the Points low. Pair this Chicken and Garbanzo Bean Pesto Salad with your favorite low calorie soup or a roll or baked potato to make it a complete and very filling meal. Enjoy!

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Chinese Chicken Salad Recipe – 5 Points +

Chinese Chicken Salad

One of my all time favorite salads is Chinese Chicken Salads. There is something about the crunchy vegetables, the sweet mandarin oranges and the tangy Asian dressing that just gets me sooooo excited. But, even though it is a salad, a traditional Chinese Chicken Salad is actually pretty high in calories. My lighter version makes a few healthier changes to deliver a 5 Points + salad that tastes fantastic! The cabbage and toasted almond slices give it that perfect crunch, and the juicy mandarins add a delightfully sweet, yet tart, flavor. The light dressing still packs a ton of flavor, but also saves a lot of fat and calories. Pair my Weight Watchers Chinese Chicken Salad with your favorite soup for a complete meal that won’t break the Points Plus bank. Enjoy!

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Chicken Taco Salad Recipe – 6 Point Value

Weight Watchers Taco Salad Recipe

There’s no longer a need to dodge this favorite Mexican salad recipe — this super yummy Weight Watchers Chicken Taco Salad will definitely satisfy your taste buds without using up all your Points. Simply by making a few small adjustments in the standard recipe and baking your own tortilla chips, you’ll shave off the calories and maintain the taste. You can grill your own chicken to use in this recipe portion size is huge and SO incredibly tasty! It really tastes like something you would order at a hot new California Mexican Fusion restaurant! It’s truly one of the best Taco Salad Recipes I’ve found — so full of different tastes and textures and yet astoundingly low in calories and Points. So if you are craving a chicken taco salad, this is one Weight Watcher Recipe that you must try!

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