Green Bean & Potato Salad – 4 Points +

Green Bean & Potato Salad

When I saw this recipe, I just had to try it. Life in the Midwest includes a lot of potatoes, and right now the green beans are fresh from the garden. It’s a perfect time to try this salad, and this salad is wonderful. The tart vinegar combined with the potatoes and green beans is perfect. The potatoes and green beans are tender, but still crisp enough to provide some texture. This salad is sure to be at hit at your next family dinner, barbecue or potluck.

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Minted Potato Salad Recipe with Peas and Cauliflower – 2 Points +

Minted Potato Salad

photo credit: clean eating

Can you really ever get tired of trying out new versions of Weight Watchers Potato Salad Recipes? I know I certainly can’t! There’s something about potato salads that I just cannot resist, and I love experimenting with different ways to prepare them. One of my favorite versions, is this Minted Potato salad Recipe with Peas and Cauliflower. The cauliflower and peas help give the dish some extra bulk, while the tangy, creamy minted dressing adds a deliciously unexpected flavor. The colors and textures are beautiful, making this low calorie Potato Salad Recipe a great way to add some pizazz to your summer picnic or barbeque. Enjoy!

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Country Potato Salad Recipe with Ham – 3 Points +

Country Potato Salad

photo credit: food network

I’ve been on a Paula Deen kick lately….I just cannot get enough of her delicious, homemade Southern Recipes!! But being a Weight Watcher, there’s no way I could eat her food without consuming almost all of my daily PointsPlus Allowance in one serving. So, I enjoy experimenting with healthier versions of her recipes which allows me all the flavor of the South, but with a LOT less fat and calories. One of my favorite low calorie salad recipes that I want to share today, is a slimmed down version of Paula Deen’s Country Potato Salad. Just by making a few small changes, I created a version that has just 3 Points + per 1 cup serving!! This one is definitely a keeper for summer BBQ parties and potluck picnics! It’d be a great WW Memorial Day Recipe to either serve at your celebration or to take along with you! That way you know you’ve got at least one healthy side dish option to indulge in. Enjoy!

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Low Calorie Potato Salad Recipe – 2 Point Total

Sorry for the delay on the posting of new recipes, folks! For the past week, I’ve been having Internet connection issues (gotta love AT &T). And I think it’s resolved….at least for now. So while I’ve got my connection, on with today’s post!!
Now that summer is in full swing, it seems like there are pool parties, BBQ’s, birthday parties, picnics, and endless opportunities for good eats. In my quest to stay on track with my Weight Watchers goals, I always offer to bring a side dish that I can make and keep low in Points. It’s my go to dish that I can count on so that I know exactly how many Points I’m eating. Well, one of my all time favorite summer BBQ recipes is this fabulously low calorie potato salad. Each 3/4 cup serving has just a 2 Point Total!! Which is great because I almost never have 3/4 cup of anything, which is how I got myself into Weight Watchers to begin with! So I can have 2 servings for just a 5 Point Total – it’s so good, I feel like I’ve indulged, but in actuality, 5 Points isn’t so bad to spend on a very nice sized serving of potato salad. What I also love about this popular side dish recipe, is that it tastes GREAT!! So even the non Weight Watchers eating it will enjoy it. Though this isn’t an official Weight Watchers Potato Salad Recipe, anyone watching what they eat will definitely appreciate this one. Dig in!!

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Low Fat Potato Salad Recipe – 4 Point Total

Potato Salad

With Memorial Day right around the corner, it’s time to start putting together your Memorial Day Weight Watchers Recipes! And this yummy, low calorie Potato Salad Recipe is the perfect addition to your holiday BBQ. It has a 4 point value for each serving, and is packed with fiber and antioxidants. I beefed it up with some green beans to add quantity, without adding more fat and calories. And instead of using mayo as in a traditional potato salad recipe, I used just a bit of reduced calorie mayo and GOLD DIPT FAT FREE TARTAR SAUCE instead! And it is soooooo yummy! Your guests will be surprised at how delicious this low fat potato salad recipe is. So there’s no need to give up your favorite Memorial Day Recipes when you are on Weight Watchers! And this version is even better than the Weight Watchers Potato Salad Recipes that I’ve tried!

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German Potato Salad Recipe – 3 Point Value

German Potato Salad

With a bit of warmer weather coming my way lately, I started to fantasize about tasty summer salads and BBQ foods, and that got me thinking about potato salad recipes. I’ve been on the lookout for a good one that fits into my Weight Watchers Points range, but is still incredibly delicious and enjoyable for my friends who are not Weight Watchers. So when I found this deliciously low calorie Weight Watchers German Potato Salad Recipe, I was PSYCHED!! This potato salad is so full of flavor and the bacon adds such a nice dimension to the taste, I was really quite overwhelmed. And considering that the typical German Potato Salad Recipe can have as many as 12-15 Weight Watchers Points per serving, this 3 Point Recipe for potato salad is a real bargain! It’s creamy and crunchy and oh so heavenly. I simply made a few changes and substitutions to the traditional red potato salad recipe and managed to lower the Points value significantly, without sacrificing any of the fabulous taste. With a Weight Watchers Recipe for German Potato Salad this good, there’s no need to wait til Memorial day to make it!

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