Special K Moments Indulgent Snack Bites- 2 Points +

Special K Moments Caramel Pretzel Bliss Special K Moments Dreamy Coconut

Sometimes you just GOTTA have something sweet. But before you go and dive headfirst into that calorie laden dessert that will ruin all the good eating you did all day, consider having one of today’s Fabulous Food Finds – Special K Moments Indulgent Snack Bites. I found these recently at my local Target, and was pretty excited to give them a try. They come in two flavors – Caramel Pretzel Bliss and Dreamy Coconut. They were both fantastic! And at 2 Points Plus each, they are just the right size to satisfy your sweet tooth without going overboard. BONUS: They freeze really well! After discovering how tasty they were, I went back to Target and grabbed a few more boxes to stash in my freezer. I always get a sweets craving in the evening, so these Special K Moments have been a lifesaver.

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Special K Fudge Dipped Pretzels – 3 Points +

Special K Fudge Dipped Pretzels

Portion controlled chocolate covered pretzels…YES!!! This is exactly what I need! No matter how many times I say I’m going to buy a bag of chocolate covered pretzels and then divide them up into individual portions, I never do it, and I always end up eating way more chocolate covered pretzels than I should. But thanks to Special K, I can now buy them in convenient, 100 calorie portions that are perfect for when I need a little something to satisfy my sweet/salty tooth all in one delicious bite. I have always adored chocolate covered pretzels, but they are a major trigger food for me, so having them ready to go in prepackaged form for just 3 Points Plus each, makes one thing about dieting a lot easier.

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Skinny Cow Cookies ‘n Dough Candy Bars Made with Low Fat Ice Cream – 4 Points +

Skinny Cow Cookies 'n Dough Candy Bars Made with Low Fat Ice Cream

As far as low calorie prepared frozen desserts go, Skinny Cow takes the cake, in my opinion. I have tried just about every single one of their frozen sweet treats, and I have yet to be disappointed. And their new Cookies ‘n Dough Candy Bars Made with Low Fat Ice Cream are no exception – they are delicious! Just the perfect size that leaves me feeling satisfied and my craving feeling conquered. It’s the perfectly portion controlled goodie for when you need a sweet fix, STAT. With just the right amount of chocolate, caramel, ice cream and cookie dough chunks, I don’t feel deprived and I don’t feel guilty! At just 4 Points Plus per bar, Skinny Cow Cookies ‘n Dough Ice Cream Bars are a fantastic way to treat yourself.

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Hershey’s Simple Pleasures Chocolate Candies – 5 Points+

Hershey's Simple Pleasures

When it comes to chocolate, I’m not ashamed to admit that Hershey’s is one of my absolute favorites. Maybe it’s because I grew up in PA, maybe it’s because Hershey’s chocolates were always in my Easter basket each year as a child, or maybe it’s because Hershey’s chocolate is just delicious. DELICIOUS, people! But being on Weight Watchers has made me severely limit my Hershey’s candy intake. Don’t get me wrong, every now and then, I will indulge in my favorite Hershey’s chocolate selection, but I really wish I could have them more often. I tried having a bag of the Hershey’s kisses at home and eating just a few, but that’s just asking for trouble. So when Hershey’s came out with their new Simple Pleasures, I was really excited. For just 5 Points +, I can eat 6 pieces of portion controlled, individually wrapped chocolates. They are very rich and satisfying, and after 6 pieces, I feel like I’ve definitely kicked my chocolate craving in the butt.

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Caramel Dipped Pretzel Rods Recipe – 2 Point Total

The perfect low calorie snack idea to serve at a kids’ party, as an after dinner dessert or as an anytime snack, these gourmet pretzel rods are fabulous! Each caramel and chocolate sprinkles covered rod has just a 2 Point Total each. They look so decadent yet are really easy to make! Make a batch of these to have on reserve any time you are looking for weight watchers’ friendly treat. The soft sweetness of the caramel combined with the salty crunch of the pretzel is a wonderfully yummy combination that only looks like it’s really high calorie. Though not an official one of Weight Watchers Snack Recipes, this dish is a great treat for any dieter!

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Butterfinger Pie Recipe – 3 Point Total

Butterfinger Pie

photo credit: roadfood.com

Ok, I need to be honest about my occasional need for the desire to eat something that has absolutely no nutritional value, but tastes insanely good. And sugary, Frozen Butterfinger Pie falls into that category. I mean, really, who doesn’t love Butterfingers!?!?! And whoever decided to put it into a pie is a flippin’ genius. However, if I want to stay on track with my Weight Watchers Points Range, I needed to seek out a lower calorie version of this popular, yet simple dessert recipe. Thanks to Aimee’s Adventures, I found this delicious Butterfinger Pie Recipe! I altered her version a bit to make it a little bit more Weight Watchers friendly, but it still tastes fabulous. Though this isn’t an official one of Weight Watchers Dessert Recipes, I think it’s a great dessert idea for anyone who is watching their Points but has a SERIOUS sweet tooth (and Butterfinger craving)!

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Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge Recipe – 2 Point Value

Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge

I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately, but I am craving sweets ALL the time. And being a Weight Watcher, this can be a deadly path! Sure, I could let myself be bad, go buy a box of chocolates at the store and indulge myself. But instead, I chose to try this rockin’ Weight Watchers Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge Recipe, and I am SO glad I did!! It was a super easy fudge recipe, it tasted delicious, and most importantly, I was able to track my Weight Watchers Points and know exactly how much I was consuming. And with just 2 Points per serving, this fudge recipe was much lower in calories than anything I’d buy at the store. And it was a heck of a lot of fun making candy at home! So if you are looking for a way to satisfy your chocolate fudge craving, give this Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge Recipe a try! It’s seriously one of the yummiest Weight Watchers Fudge Recipes you’ll find.

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Chocolate-Raspberry Cups Halloween Candy Recipe – 1 Point Value

Weight Watchers Chocolate Raspberry Cups

With the passing of yet another Halloween sugar induced candy coma, I couldn’t let this holiday get too far past without writing about an amazing Weight Watchers Halloween candy recipe! I swear, I will eat almost ANYTHING that is chocolate-raspberry flavored, so when I found this Weight Watchers candy recipe for chocolate-raspberry cups, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. With just 1 Weight Watchers Point per serving, I couldn’t wait to give these babies a try! They looked so cute and are a perfect treat to take to a holiday party or get together. I am planning on making them for Christmas and using some decorations on top to make them festive. The best thing is, these chocolate-raspberry cups are so rich and decadent, that it’s easy to feel satisfied after eating just 1 or 2. So this year, stay away from your kids’ bag of Snickers and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and make your own gourmet, diet-friendly candy! You’ll be really glad you gave this Weight Watchers Halloween candy recipe a try!

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Peanut Butter Pie Recipe with Chocolate Chips – 7 Point Total

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Mmmm…..chocolate and peanut butter…I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love this decadent combination. But if you’re dieting, the only chocolate and peanut butter deserts you are having are in your dreams. Surely, there had to be a way to make this dream a reality without destroying my diet efforts. And where there’s a will, there’s a way! I found this amazing dessert recipe through Weight Watchers and I have to honestly say, this pie recipe is SO good that I CANNOT believe it’s Weight Watchers recipe!! It’s so rich and creamy, even just a few bites will satisfy you. This pie is a fabulous dessert to take to a potluck or dinner party, because it’s so delicious, that I guarantee you that no one will know it’s a low calorie recipe.

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